Error when trying to query invoices via API

kikxlabskikxlabs Member Posts: 1

I am getting the following error when trying to query invoices via API. Please help

"This request requires the latest version of Wave's invoicing module, which is currently not available for the selected Business. Requires isClassicInvoicing to be false."

How do I upgrade my invoicing module?


  • kikxlabskikxlabs Member Posts: 1

    I am getting the following error when trying to query invoices via API. Please help

    "This request requires the latest version of Wave's invoicing module, which is currently not available for the selected Business. Requires isClassicInvoicing to be false."

    How do I upgrade my invoicing module?

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    Hey @kikxlabs! Thanks for reaching out about this. The message that you're seeing is with regards to an accounting migration that we've been working on for an extended period of time now, but we're working to get all of our users moved towards the new platform now. We don't have an ETA on this, but appreciate your ongoing patience in this matter.

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    +1 same issue

  • nigelwheelernigelwheeler Member Posts: 20

    @ConnorM Any update on an ETA for this migration to complete?
    I've just set up a new account to test and that has "isClassicInvoicing": false, so it seems to be the default for new users/accounts.
    Many Thanks

  • BarsinBarsin Member, Moderator Posts: 2,041 ✭✭✭

    Hey again @nigelwheeler

    I would imagine that you're currently operating on our latest version of Wave judging by the time frame from which you signed up though it is difficult to tell.

    Migration is taking quite a bit of time for us however we are slowly but surely close to migrating all accounts over to the latest version. There is no ETA on our end that we can provide as we don't have any insight of where someone's account sits in the queue.

    What I do know is that we are working as fast and hard possible to have this done ASAP.

    Thanks for your patience.

  • P110P110 Member Posts: 5

    Sorry to bump this - but I've been waiting for this feature to be implemented since learning about the wave API and it's a smidge frustrating to find out that it's there, but I can't use it yet :tongue:

    Any new info for us or - "it'll happen at some point"? Will we get a notification of some sorts when we're moved over? I'd assume no as I'm sure this won't affect the workflows of too many users.

    Thanks for your help :smile:

    { "data": { "business": { "isClassicAccounting": false, "isClassicInvoicing": true } } }

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    Hi @P110 . We're actually working on moving our last users over to the new system. If you haven't been moved over yet, it should be happening soon.

    You will be notified in your account when things have changed, and you'll notice some significant overall changes as well.

  • P110P110 Member Posts: 5

    Hi @AlexL - thanks for the update! Told me everything that I wanted to hear, I'll keep my eyes peeled on my dashboard 👀

  • nigelwheelernigelwheeler Member Posts: 20

    @AlexL I would just like to 100% clarify that when you talk about the "new system" and "significant overall changes" that you are aware both myself and @P110 are talking specifically about the upgrading of the INVOICING module, not the ACCOUNTING module, i.e. we both have

    { "isClassicAccounting": false, "isClassicInvoicing": true } 

    My understanding is that pre-2018 accounts used classic Accounting and, according to this blog post the migration process to the new system is still ongoing in late 2019.

    My account already has 'non-classic' accounting: it is just the invoicing which needs to be migrated.

    Please clarify that there is a separate migration process in which accounts already having the newer, 'non-classic' accounting are being moved from classic INVOICING to the newer invoicing module, in order that we can work with the API. Of course, an update on the completion date for this would be very welcome.

  • P110P110 Member Posts: 5

    @nigelwheeler said:

    +1 to all of this - I've already seen the accounting changes and received the notification. I'm waiting specifically for the invoicing changes to enable me to use the API.

    Thank you

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  • Universe42Universe42 Member Posts: 3

    Hey Wave, I'm having this issue too and I'm super frustrated. You guys released this API for folks to be able to extend functionality, but our accounts can't support it? That's super frustrating.

    This is a big deal for me as I may have to abandon Wave for a different option and I can't stress enough that need to know in the next day or so if this is going to be rectified and when, or I'm going to have to go to Stripe and use them directly.

    My experience with Wave has always been really good—you guys have been friendly and always very responsive and I'm grateful for that. However, at this point, I'm so incredibly frustrated that that I've paid a developer to develop around your API only to find out that I can't do what I need to do, and may then have pay him again to implement a different solution. Not happy folks.

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  • BarsinBarsin Member, Moderator Posts: 2,041 ✭✭✭

    Hey @nigelwheeler @P110 @Universe42

    As you may know from previous threads regarding migration it was quite a feat for the accounting team. Our sales team is certainly looking into a migration for invoicing, however we have no timeline of this. We are running some tests in the background to see how smoothly this goes for a user and will have some more insight.

    If you opened a brand new Wave account using a secondary email, you would see the new invoicing we use. It's not dramatically different, but the new API will allow us to release brand new updates smoothly moving forward.

    My apologies for the lack of full insight into this! But there will be announcements made when this becomes our priority of course.

  • Universe42Universe42 Member Posts: 3

    Hey @nigelwheeler, thanks for your input, however, this is contrary to what AlexL says above, "We're actually working on moving our last users over to the new system. If you haven't been moved over yet, it should be happening soon." So that's a little frustrating and more frustrating to hear you say it's not a priority...

    So if I'm understanding everything correctly, is that some folks have old invoicing, new invoicing is available for new accounts, but neither the old or the new accounts will be able to use the API for invoicing purposes? As in if we create the secondary account as you suggest, to see the new format, it still won't work with the API? (Thinking a work around may be to create a new account, export everything from the old account and import it into the new account?)

  • P110P110 Member Posts: 5

    @Universe42 said:

    I'm going to assume that Alex made an honest mistake, maybe not knowing the specifics of the API calls, and assumed that we were talking about the new accounting system (instead of the new invoicing system).

    From my understanding, brand new accounts will be using the new invoicing and will be able to use the invoicing API (so if you'd like to give that workaround a go I'd say it's probably worth it, even just to check).

    Sounds like our old accounts won't be migrated for some time though :/

  • nigelwheelernigelwheeler Member Posts: 20

    @BarsinA - What I see within this thread are a number of comments from admins suggesting that a process of migrating all accounts to the new invoicing system, compatible with the API, was underway. It appears from your contradictory comments that, (as I'm afraid suspected), this is not the case and this is something which is only now being considered in the background.

    You can also see that a number of users/developers have invested time & effort on the basis of these comments - @kikxlabs, @Nikue, @P110, @Universe42 and myself included.

    Effectively you are saying that potential products & extensions targeting the invoicing part of the API will not be able to reach anything but the newest of accounts: I would request that you provide a percentage breakdown of how many accounts have isClassicInvoicing false versus true to quantify this.

    @PaulC I would be very grateful if you are able to offer any deeper technical insight into this, as you have so usefully for me with other issues in the past?


    @Kirk the boss & @AmandaK in customer success - sorry to bring this to your attention, but this is rather frustrating and I for one struggle to find how to escalate issues properly with your support teams, where an apparent lack of access to information/knowledge/communication across the business is starting to lead to misleading/contradictory advice being disseminated, with potentially serious negative implications for your customers/external developers who have invested resources on the basis of what they have been led to believe.

  • nigelwheelernigelwheeler Member Posts: 20

    @Universe42 - not me buddy! I'm just a frustrated end-user like yourself :)
    To me, this is something that needs to be escalated and some proper (hopefully less contradictory) answers given: I personally have also put in some significant time & effort on the basis of what's been said - only to be feeling very let down at this point. Let's hope we can get a more positive response & commitment to do something I would consider to be a fairly major limitation/issue for the deployment of the new API (welcome though that is!).

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    @nigelwheeler @Universe42 @P110 The issue you are experiencing is - as you guys appear to have correctly read from the API documentation - that our Invoicing APIs require the updated version of Wave Invoicing (isClassicInvoicing = false). This version is automatically applied to all new Wave accounts, but most older accounts are still on the 'classic' version.

    Over the past many months, our Accounting team has been working to migrate all customers from our original ('classic') accounting system to our latest version. This work is concluding now, and clears the way for our Invoicing team to start migrating customers to the new Invoicing version. I'm sorry that some of the responses you have received have confused these two migrations; your concern is with the Invoicing migration, which does depend upon completion of the Accounting migration but is distinct from it.

    At this point I am unable to set out a timeline for Invoicing migration, but I am asking my colleague who looks after that area to review this and provide you whatever guidance she can. In the meantime, you are always free to create a new Wave account to develop and test your planned integration(s), although I do understand that you need a reasonably firm migration timeline to be confident that it is worth you investing that effort.

    We do appreciate your enthusiasm to work with Wave's new APIs, and understand your present frustration. Thanks for being so patient.

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  • EdisonEdison Member Posts: 1

    @PaulC Would it be possible to speed up the migration of the accounting/invoicing for the folks who are waiting for the new API? I bet most of your clients don't care that much for this delay but for some folks (myself included) speeding things up would provide a much needed relief.

    My organization has put a lot of time in our member management system. We've built this system with the assumption that we could use the new Wave API. This lengthy delay means that we can't launch.

    I'd hope you see our predicament. If possible please put us at the top of that line.


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  • PaulCPaulC Member Posts: 186 ✭✭✭

    Hi @Edison,
    I more than understand why you're keen to get migrated asap.
    The process of migrating all customers to our new Invoicing platform is now under way, but will roll forward in 'cohorts', where each cohort entails incrementally more data migration complexities - for example more complex invoices; currencies; product overrides; etc.
    There's nothing I can do to move your business to an earlier 'cohort' if there are features of your data that need us to delay, however if you could send me a DM with your business name and the email that you use to sign in to Wave, I can certainly make sure that you are amongst the first of your cohort when we it is ready for migration.
    Thanks, Paul

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