Any new developments on statements for clients?

Veecapecreamery_2017Veecapecreamery_2017 Member Posts: 1

Good day to you! Any new developments on the statement printing for clients~ or a way to suggest to clients a way around it. Is there a way to unlink the invoices and have a PDF of the statement? I know you are focusing on clients who are totally computer orientated- but there must be a way to placate non-techie clients?



  • EmmaPEmmaP Administrator Posts: 236 admin

    Hey @Veecapecreamery_2017! Thanks for reaching out! The team are currently working on some new features with Customer Statements, so stay tuned for an update! At the moment I don't have an ETA but this is a priority for the team at the moment. In the mean time there isn't a simple way to get a PDF of a statement. Your customer would have to print the entire page that they open up when they receive the statement, or you could screenshot it and send them a copy of that.

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