What feature related to deposits in Invoicing would have the largest impact on your business?

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We've seen requests to add a deposit feature within our Invoicing platform in Wave. We'd love to hear how, if implemented, you would use this feature and what functionality you'd like to see come along with it.

What feature related to deposits in Invoicing would have the largest impact on your business? 26 votes

Deposits (refundable)
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  • ASPSASPS Member Posts: 13
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    I’m not certain I understand the question posed, but for clarity, in my business, a minimum of a 50% deposit is required for a service to commence. This deposit is applied to the bill and is non-refundable, but transférable.
  • HawpHawp Member Posts: 6
    On my business I collect a 50% deposit to pay for materials. My customers have been very happy with this system but I do need to explain to them that the billing system I use (wave) doesn't recognise deposits as a valuable tool. They are baffled.
  • shanebeeshanebee Member Posts: 1

    None of those options are currently relevant to me. I think game changer(s) would be sorting/tagging of estimates/invoices/payouts and administration level notes (that are not viewable by the customer).

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  • camoricamori Member Posts: 1

    None of the above. Most useful to me is group or batch invoicing, such as Quickbooks 2019 has, where I can create a group and then make one invoice that applies to all. This is our ONLY reason to stay on QB 2019 for invoicing, because otherwise I'm thoroughly enjoying the user-friendly interface of Wave.

    For instance, we have several advertisers that have the same type of ad in one month, and not having to invoice each of them individually is a huge timesaver. I can create "one" invoice, but it creates a brand new invoice for each business. Recurring invoicing doesn't work, because some months we have 4 weeks, and some months we have 5 weeks, and duplicate doesn't either, as we need to delineate the month and issues that the ads ran.

  • tsjworxtsjworx Member Posts: 2
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    We are migrating from 17hats to wave. One of the things we loved about 17hats was creating 1 invoice and then dividing it up into multiple payments. You could schedule it for up to 12 payments. There were a few ways it worked. It's the primary thing we hate to lose by switching.

  • finleydesignfinleydesign Member Posts: 3

    After meeting with my accountant this morning, we have had to decide that unless the sales order type setup is not done with Wave we would need to move away, the sales order is in essence like a deposit etc, you should review how other accounts package works.

    Customer will go from Quote > Sales Order > Invoice

    I love Wave but they way deposits work, we need the accounts to setup this way or as I say sadly I'll have to move away

  • VirgilVirgil Member Posts: 17 ✭✭

    It would be useful to request an initial payment of X% against an invoice or indeed an estimate.

    In the case of the estimate, the initial payment is what's required for us to start work on the project. The final fee however isn't known until the project ends, and the difference is settled.

  • ConCon Member Posts: 1

    I am new to wave. currently use quickbooks. I want to move all my business over but I currently do a 50% deposit on all orders and I can reflect that on my quickbook invoices. this is a feature they offer in quickbooks and one that i definately need. Cant move over to wave till this option is avilable.

  • ICS_SeanICS_Sean Member Posts: 2
    Instalments (with notifications)

    I voted installments as it is closest to what I would like to see added, but not exactly. What I would like to see is a way to apply payments to multiple invoices. For example, if I have a client that pays a monthly service charge but misses a payment, the next month that client is likely to write a single check for both payments.

    As it currently stands, I have to log a payment to both invoices, which results in 2 transactions of different amounts than the actual deposit. Then when I reconcile my account, I have an invoice transaction for x, another for y, and a bank transaction for x+y that ends up getting deleted to make the balance match.

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