What types of bank accounts can I connect?

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imageWhat types of bank accounts can I connect?

Bank connections are a powerful tool for automatically importing your transactions to Wave. Wave supports the connection of a wide variety of bank accounts. Read on for the full list.
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  • edshanahanedshanahan Member Posts: 3

    Can I manually set up a bank account in Wave and not link it to Wave? My account type is not supported by Wave.

  • EmmaPEmmaP Administrator Posts: 270 admin

    Hey @edshanahan! Sorry to hear your bank is not supported by Wave. You are correct in your thinking, you can manually add your bank & credit card accounts to your Wave account! Just head to: Accounting > Chart of Accounts > Add an account under the correct tab. You can then upload bank or credit card statements into these accounts so your transactions are populated in your Wave account!

  • edshanahanedshanahan Member Posts: 3

    Great thank you. I didn't see this before. I will try it!

  • ALWVenturesALWVentures Member Posts: 1

    I have a checking business checking account, but I keep getting an error that says "No Supported Accounts". Am I doing something wrong and how can I get this to work?

  • EmmaPEmmaP Administrator Posts: 270 admin

    Hey @ALWVentures! It sounds like the particular accounts you have with this bank may not have a supported connection built for transaction importing yet. This could be why you see a connection for your bank, but are unable to connect successfully. Usually what happens is our data aggregator is able to connect personal accounts but does not have connections built for business accounts. Our data aggregator is always working to build new connections! This Wave guide on understanding bank connections has some great information and has details for other methods you can use to get your transactional data into Wave!

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