New: Change Account Type

JustinAJustinA Administrator Posts: 37 admin

Hey Wavers!

We’ve updated the edit account tool on the Chart of Accounts page to allow movement between different types (with some restrictions).

To change the account type click the edit icon:

Then select the account type you want to switch to from the drop-down and Save:

Note: Due to the way the system is built, movement is only allowed between certain subgroups:

  • Expected Payments from Customers & Depreciation and Amortization
  • Vendor Prepayments and Vendor Credits, Inventory, Property, Plant & Equipment, Other Short-Term Assets & Other Long-Term Assets
  • Accounts Payable & Due For Payroll
  • Due to You and Other Business Owners, Customer Prepayments and Customer Credits, Other Short-Term Liability & Other Long-Term Liability.


  • cgaraicgarai Member Posts: 16

    The new system has placed several of my expense accounts into Equity type. How do I fix that?

  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,773 admin

    Hi @cgarai . As you can't change the account type of an equity account to an expense account, you do have to recreate the accounts. If you have transactions associated to the accounts, you can bulk change this in the Transactions page by selecting numerous transactions with the tick boxes on the left and clicking Edit near the top of the page.

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