Number of Receipts / Receipts by year

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Thank you for providing such a great app to the community. I recently started to use the Wave Receipts app.

Is it possible for us to see the number of the receipts captured by the app? It would be awesome if you can add this feature. See the example below

Also it would be great if we could filter the receipts by year. See the example below

Please bump this post if you think its good to have these features.


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  • JustAskDaveJustAskDave Member Posts: 1

    Agreed to all, plus I would love to add the ability to sort, search or filter receipts by Merchant, date and value.

    Sort by date would be the most beneficial, if I have a receipt that got stuck beside the seat for a while and added in months after the receipt date it puts it way out of order and very hard to find later.

    Also a possibility to search for duplicates? If a receipt is not marked as being entered (by mistake - I normally put a tick on them so I know) and found months later its almost impossible to see if it has already been uploaded.

    Cheers, Dave.

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  • PremTechPremTech Member Posts: 1

    I couldn't agree more. I also would like to see these features @RainMedia and @JustAskDave mentioned.

    I would appreciate if developers can inform us whether they can add these features to Wave Receipts.

    Thank you.

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  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 2,166 admin

    Hi everyone :) Thanks for all of the feedback here. These aren't features which we're looking at adding right now (they're not currently on our roadmap) but I appreciate all of the insight into exactly how this would help.

    Feel free to continue to share your feedback and how you'd use this feature!

  • RainMediaRainMedia Member Posts: 2

    That's a bummer :D

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