W9's with Invoicing

TLCINC_18TLCINC_18 Member Posts: 16

Feature request: allow the upload and storage of the IRS form W9 when creating an Invoice. In my industry a W9 is always required along with the Invoice.

When sending an invoice in Wave, if there was a way to include a W9 with an Invoice it would make it much easier to use the invoicing features in Wave and not have to download a PDF invoice and email manually along with a W9.


  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 2,869 admin

    Hey @TLCINC_18 . We definitely do get the request to be able to attach documents to invoices from time-to-time. Thanks for providing your specific reasoning here (in regards to IRS form W9). I can definitely see how this would make it easier for you!

  • AeroNutAeroNut Member Posts: 1

    Is there an update on this request?

  • JulianPJulianP Administrator Posts: 1,002 admin

    Hey @AeroNut !

    Thanks for reaching out about this. At this time, I'm afraid that Wave does not support this functionality in this version of the app. For full transparency, we don't plan on implementing it in the near future as it is not on our current product road map. Please note that we are not dismissing your interest in this feature as we revisit and reevaluate feature ideas frequently.

    edited February 9, 2021
  • AHerringAHerring Member Posts: 1

    Checking in to see if this option is in production. Thanks

  • daverabrdxdaverabrdx Member Posts: 1

    we would also benefit greatly from this exact feature. W9s are always required with our invoices.

  • steadidavidsteadidavid Member Posts: 1

    Ditto. I specifically always have to "export as PDF and mark as sent" instead of sending through your system because I need to include a W9 or other documents.

    You guys are losing out on potential ACH and credit card fees because I and others just do not use your emailing system feature.

  • kindralefevrekindralefevre Member Posts: 1

    I concur. This missing feature is incredibly important for invoicing clients. The ability to attach PDFs of a W-9 and other billing information (detail for hourly legal engagements, for instance) would allow me to send all our invoices through Wave rather than having to download invoices and sent many of them via email instead of through your system.

    From Wave's perspective, this would give you a greater opportunity to earn ACH and credit card fees, as more clients would pay through Wave if all invoices were sent through Wave.

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