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jetthrusteramericajetthrusteramerica Member Posts: 8

I've used Wave Connect successfully, and would like to now update existing items in Products & Services. Currently, an attempt to re-upload existing product names with new details or prices results in "duplicate item(s) will be skipped" message.

Is there a method, tag, or data format that will allow the update of existing entries using the upload feature?

If not, I'd like to request that feature be added to dev list, either as a separate "update" menu, or possibly as a scan for existing items on upload, resulting in an update query on first pass, prior to insert of new items.

Same methodology could be applied to Customers, Accounts, etc.

Many thanks for a great product!



  • JamieDJamieD Administrator Posts: 1,145 admin

    @jetthrusteramerica Did you try testing out the import after you made the edits? My thoughts are that it should work as expected.. since they have different details, they won't actually be skipped. Let me know what happens when you try this.

  • jetthrusteramericajetthrusteramerica Member Posts: 8

    Thank you for the reply Jamie.

    I've confirmed that the update does not occur. The steps I followed were:

    -Download 'products' using Wave Connect
    -Modify Price, Description, or Account
    -Prepare and Input Sheet in fresh Google Sheet
    -Populate Input Sheet with copies of cells from Modified List
    -'Step2: Validate' reports ERROR: A Product with this name exists in Wave. This record will be skipped.
    -Continuing with upload- 'Step3: Upload Data' reports SKIPPED: Unable to upload Product
    ERROR: A Product with this name existed in Wave. Unable to upload.

    I attempted to change description, price, and income account in combination and individually. In all cases, the error was reported, and records in question were not updated.

    Editing product name will create a new record, but of course is essentially adding new product.

  • JordanDJordanD Administrator, Moderator Posts: 488 admin

    @jetthrusteramerica Thanks for providing your workflow for us here! Wave Connect was created to upload or download information, which means that currently, making edits to a product or service within the Google Sheet is not actually supported yet. In saying that you can update the product or service from within Wave in the Sales > Products and Services section directly.

    If you were looking to update the information through Wave Connect, you would need to delete the product from your Wave account and then make the changes before using Wave Connect to add a new product with the edits.

  • jetthrusteramericajetthrusteramerica Member Posts: 8

    Thanks Jordan, as assumed, was just reporting results to Jamie.

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