Transaction description Modification

CetustoneCetustone Member Posts: 31

Is it possible to change the Invoice Payment description, instead of just saying "Invoice Payment" to "Invoice Payment from Customer Name"
Though it is in category description, but it would be very helpful if the transaction description is updated for both bill payment and invoice payment with the vendor and customer name. Specially when we download the spreadsheet file for other kind of account analysis....

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  • EmmaPEmmaP Member Posts: 639 ✭✭✭

    Hey @cetustone! That is a great feature idea, thanks for sharing your thoughts on this! In the mean time, you can edit the 'Invoice Payment' transaction directly from the Transactions page so add the customer name in there. I know this creates a bit of extra work, so I can see how adding this automatically would improve your workflow!

  • CetustoneCetustone Member Posts: 31

    Thanks, waiting for the feature adaptation.

  • GreigHGreigH Member Posts: 4

    An Invoice Payment transaction that has been generated by Wave cannot be edited.

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