Few Small Improvement Suggestions and a Couple BIg Ones

Mikah BarnettMikah Barnett Member Posts: 1

I'm trying to stick with Wave as it has a nice combination that meets my macro needs (accounting + payroll + recurring billing).

There are a couple of large items that are missing that I hope are on the development roadmap:

  1. Purchase Orders - This just seems like a no-brainer. Businesses need to buy things, PO's are the right way to do it!

  2. Sales Orders - Manufacturing businesses often take orders and then ship/invoice later. The lack of Sales Orders has been a problem with QuickBooks for a long time and that's what initially drove me away from their product

Some smaller-ish but still useful things that I hope also make the cut:

  1. Payment Terms!!! No provision for this anywhere? This is a pretty important feature for businesses buying and selling things and trying to manage their cash flow. Hand typing them in Invoice Footers is confusing to customers and easy to forget.
  2. Assign Default Tax per Customer (at least as an option). Invoice Line Items should be taxable or not, but in most cases a customer is either taxable or not - so why not assign taxes there rather than at the invoice level? It could even really be a "default tax" at the customer level that just populates when you create an invoice in case there is a special condition you need to apply at the invoice level

  3. Multiple Email Contacts per Customer. Several of my customers have a "person responsible" email as well as an AP email. So, for now I will have to enter one in for the customer then add the other manually every time. Would be really nice if, on the Customer page where I enter an email address, I could add a comma/semicolon/etc and add multiple addresses

  4. Timesheets. Pretty straight forward, very similar to an invoice but a way to record and keep tabs on time spent per project/customer/whatever which could then be shared with an invoice as a supporting document. This is a nice-to-have for sure


  • TaxLabTaxLab Member Posts: 23

    It would be great to search transactions by description.

  • ManiMani Administrator Posts: 61 admin

    @Mikah Barnett Thanks for sharing your thoughts, we appreciate it. We took some time to reply (sorry about that!) because there is a lot of great content here, and it took some time to think though a response as well as some follow up questions for you if you’re interested - after all, our goal is to get a better understanding of how we can improve your day-to-day working experience.

    I’d love to learn more about how you use POs and SOs in your business. For some businesses, it is common practice, but we try not to assume the right workflow and would rather hear from you. Can you share some details for each?

    For your other great suggestions:

    Payment terms: This has been bounced around a lot, but never prioritized because the majority of our users find the "Standard memo" under "Invoice Customizations" to be sufficient for explaining their terms, and it can be updated on a per invoice basis. I admit, it's called "Notes" on the invoice, but it's the same content. Combined with our online payments with Credit Card and Bank Payments, many users haven't requested richer functionality. We've definitely dreamed up improvements, but we'd love to hear more about how you'd like to see this changed. Do you find yourself sending an email’s worth of content to your customer with each invoice? If so, what communication is missing?

    Default tax by customer: There are a set of users that rightly ask for "by customer" functionality on many fronts, including pricing, taxes, and invoice customizations. We'd love to learn more about your sales cycle and relationship management. Is it only about taxes? Are you also thinking about balances to carry forward, discounts, etc.?

    Multiple email contacts per customer: Admittedly, we can be better here. Users that are dealing with bigger businesses, or have a larger degree of relationship management in their business, benefit from a richer representation of their customers in Wave. We don't have a timetable for addressing this, but will be thinking about it more carefully moving forward. You can also address this by exporting your invoice and attaching it to an email, but we too would like to keep all of the functionality you need in one tab.

    Timesheets: This is more complicated from our perspective, and we'd love to learn more about the details of how you use timesheets. When are they used, by whom, using what software? How do they inform the creation of an invoice? What fidelity do you lose from TS to invoice? Why and how would you want to attach the TS to invoices?

    It's a lot to ask for you to provide so much additional detail, I know. If you’re interested we’d love to continue the conversation. Please take your time, and feel free to add to this thread in pieces. Thank you for offering a window into your business, and for shining a light on opportunities for us to do better.

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