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Hey Wavers!

We’ve updated the bulk edit tool on the Transactions page to include accounts. Now, you can update the account on multiple transactions at the same time.

To use bulk account edit, select at least two transactions from the transactions list using the check boxes on the left-hand side of the page. Click Edit, and select Account from the drop-down list. Search for the account, and then click Apply.

Note: Some accounts or transactions are not eligible to change in bulk. For example, transactions created when you process a payment using Payments by Wave, or Journal Entries. In these cases, click on the transaction from the transactions list to open the details panel, and change the account there.

You can learn more about the bulk edit tool here.

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  • LuckyBhumkarLuckyBhumkar Member Posts: 4

    We welcome this helpful facility. :) Thanks to WaveTeam for this feature and JustinA sir for this update.

  • CazzCazz Member Posts: 1

    Thank you for this addition - I'm finding it very useful.

  • BarsinABarsinA Administrator Posts: 1,535 admin

    @Cazz We're super excited about it too!

  • jasonmicelijasonmiceli Member Posts: 1

    Any chance you can add the ability to set the Vendor or Customer in Bulk Edit Mode as well?

  • EmmaPEmmaP Administrator Posts: 639 admin

    Hey @jasonmiceli & @DBARProductions thanks for taking the time to provide your feedback here! We do get a lot of requests for various features across the platform. When we plan out the features we're building next, a significant factor we pay attention to is customer feedback, but there's actually a lot more that goes into our product planning. Naturally, a feature that has the potential to revolutionize the way you run your business, or that affects many customers, will get more attention. Also, some features are easier to build than others. If a feature request will take a lot of time to build, we need to make sure it drives extra value for our customers. I can definitely see how this type of feature would be useful to you and your business if it currently consumes this much of your time and energy. While this is not currently in the works, hopefully it is something we can look into in the future of bulk edits.

  • DBARProductionsDBARProductions Member Posts: 3

    @EmmaP thanks for the response and at least letting us know you are reading the comments and feedback. As a programmer myself, I understand some things are easier than others... but, not sure why you could make bulk category editing, but then somehow not allow bulk editing of vendor/customer? Wouldn't be that much of a stretch unless you have a really strange database structure that makes assigning vendors/customer much more difficult. But, worse than that, is that the newer interface changes over the last year actually require even MORE clicks to open each transaction to get to where you can add a vendor or customer... so, you're going in the wrong direction with that! Very frustrating and time consuming. I can filter all my similar transactions to where the ones I want to assign to a specific vendor or customer are the only ones being shown, and it should only then take a few seconds to select them all and click "Add Vendor" or "Add Customer", do the search, select the one I want, and hit apply. Instead, the way it is right now I have to first click on just one transaction to force that right sidebar to open. Then I have to click on the link to add a vendor or customer. Then I have to click into the search box and start typing something to find the right select. Then I have to click on that selection to make it "stick". I then I either have to click on Save or the "Approve" transaction button if it hasn't been reviewed/approved yet. Who is the UI genius who decided we have to go through all of that to assign a vendor/customer to a transaction, and then repeat that entire thing again several hundred times!!

  • MoiluverMoiluver Member Posts: 2

    @EmmaP said:
    Hey @jasonmiceli & @DBARProductions thanks for taking the time to provide your feedback here! We do get a lot of requests for various features across the platform......

    Might be missing something here but would it not be a really easy job to provide one more filter option to the existing four (Category, Status, Types and Trans Date) named Vendor or Customer? All we need to do then is select a vendor from the resulting list and presto, we have a subset of all transactions from the same vendor. The last step would be to post them all into a selected category. - Simple, Yes?

  • DBARProductionsDBARProductions Member Posts: 3

    Not sure if you're replying to my comments, but your suggestion still doesn't help with those of us that need to ADD/ASSIGN a vendor or customer to multiple transactions. We can't filter by them as they have not been assigned yet. There is currently no way to bulk assign a vendor or customer to multiple transactions at once, and their current UI requires WAY too many clicks to do that assignment for every transaction (which I have to repeat hundreds/thousands of times each calendar quarter). All of my transactions are imported from PayPal and my Bank Account, so there are no customers/vendors assigned to any of those transactions, and it takes WAY to long to go through every transaction and assign them, the way things are now.

  • MoiluverMoiluver Member Posts: 2

    I was replying to the dev and copying you in (at least that's what I thought) as I have the same issue with my household account. I get multiple bank transactions each month from the same supermarket where I use my debit card to pay for groceries. I currently have to go through the entire month of transactions clicking each one (supermarket) and selecting a category for it. What I would like to do is filter the list to show only a listing (subset) of those supermarket transactions (using the additional vendor/customer filter) and then bulk assigning them to my groceries category. Just doesn't seem that hard a thing to implement by the devs?

  • FilipFilip Member Posts: 2

    This saves me at least one hour of unnecessary clicking. Thank You very much! I still have to keep clicking when changing dates though. Being able to bulk edit the date would be highly appreciated.

  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,773 admin

    Hey @Filip , glad you like the change :smile: . Although I don't think the change you've requested is currently in our short term plans, I'd be happy to pass this feedback along.

  • AhsanAhsan Member Posts: 1

    i mistakenly deleted some transactions,can i get them back?Please help...

  • DeniseODeniseO Member Posts: 1

    How do you post the deductions from a paycheck if the net amount is already posted directly from the integration with the checking account? Can that be automated?

  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,773 admin

    Hey @Ahsan . I'm afraid deleted transactions cannot be reinstated into Wave after they've been deleted. You can always recreate them in the Transactions page.

    Hi @DeniseO . I'm a tad confused about your question although I'm sure this is the right place to post it. If you could head over to our Accounting Technical Support section, you can find a thread which is more appropriate for this post OR create a new thread for your question.

  • David GilbertDavid Gilbert Member Posts: 2

    I sure wish there was a way to bulk change line items in invoices as I would like to create more specific "items" in my invoices as I now would like to be able to clearly categorize my sales in a more granular level (right now they are too broad, by my own mistake). Any thoughts? For example, instead of just "Voiceover Services USD" I'd like to have a "Elearning Voiceover Services USD," "Commercials Voiceover Services USD," etc. This way when I run my reports I can better see where my revenues are coming from than a generalized bucket. Though if there was a way to show reports based on the "Item" level then I could break down the categories that way, but I don't see any reports by product sold anywhere (unless I'm missing something). Thanks!

  • eporteuseporteus Member Posts: 4

    I'd like to bulk edit the vendor name as well as category and account

    I wish the purchase by vendor report would show an amount for the transactions that do not have a vendor name associated with them. This report excludes all the transactions that have not been given a vendor name

    I'd like the account mapping for payroll expenses and liability to be more detailed. I'd like to break out the liabilities by fed income tax, state unemployment tax, and fed unemployment tax so that I can reconcile the journal entries with the tax payments that go out. I'm having to modify the system generated journal entry every pay period.

    edited March 5, 2020
  • BrendanKARBrendanKAR Member Posts: 1

    I would like to bulk Edit adding taxes included in total on certain types of transactions.
    Example: any Fuel purchase, always has gst included in purchase amount. I have spent hours adding gst into every fuel purchase manually.
    Example 2: Parts purchased through Lordco auto parts. Every one of those transactions has pst and gst. I would like to be able to bulk ad both taxes to all those transactions.

  • ConnorMConnorM Member, Administrator Posts: 1,175 admin

    Hey @BrendanKAR! Thanks for reaching out here. Your feedback is definitely appreciated, and I'll be sure to get it sent up to my development teams for consideration! With that said, you should be able to check out this Help Center article here for a walkthrough on bulk edits that you can make to your transactions, including tax!

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