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BowenBowen Member Posts: 6

I'd like to see a SQUARE UP or SQUARE integration. As a retailer in coffee, your STRIPE integration is not an option for me because of their flat 30c fee. If i sell 100 coffees at $5. I get charged $38.75, with Square it is $9.5. Square also offers a full POS solution which you guys currently lack and dont seem to interested in developing. Please introduce this.. I think alot of WAVE users would love to see some progress in the POS side.


  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,683 admin

    Hi @Bowen . Thanks for your input on this as well as providing the use case. In full transparency, because Square and Stripe are competitors, I can't see us introducing a Square integration anytime soon. Even with this being said, I'll still let the team know we have a user reaching out about it.

  • RZLRZL Member Posts: 3

    Integrate it and you will get ahead of Square.
    Or add a work around to while income is categorized from Square it does the math for you to deduct the fees, sales tax collected and so on. ( workaround without direct integration.. i think most users want accounting not keep track of how many coffee is sold). my 2 cents

  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,683 admin

    @RZL Thanks for the input!

  • BoggestowBoggestow Member Posts: 5

    You need to integrate with Square to get ahead of their them. Add the ability to set the costs to use the service so that it will automatically add it to invoices -- that would be amazing! I'm using your service as a front end for accounting -- which includes invoices. You should let us figure out which service provides the lowest costs for taking electronic transactions. If you offered POS services then we might head that direction.

  • JamrJamr Member Posts: 23

    I agree with integrating with Square Up. Let your customers decide which services they want. No one wants to be limited with only one option.

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