Looking for Bookkeeper's advice on proper setup on Wave

NikonikoNikoniko Member Posts: 2

Hi, I have a private limited company registered in Singapore. We sell physical products in Singapore and abroad.

All transactions have already been keyed in manually to Wave but I need some help (1) creating custom reports & (2) making sure I am registering all transactions the way they should be registered.

As for custom reports, this is what I'd like to be able to see:

  • Total sales per month per product (both # and $)
  • Total sales per month per product per distributor (both # and $)
  • Total stock left per product in a given month


  • aGoodBalanceaGoodBalance Member Posts: 16

    @Nikoniko We would be able to help you generate those reports through Excel using the data from Wave. Feel free to reach out to us. @aGoodBalance www.agoodbalance.net

  • EmmaPEmmaP Administrator Posts: 581 admin

    Hi @Nikoniko! Thanks for reaching out! In Wave you can only generate reports to show amounts in $ from your Reports page. Wave does not currently have a way to track physical units. We do offer a way to track the monetary value of your inventory which you can check out here, but tracking the physical units and creating reports for them would have to be done outside of Wave.

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