How to attach Receipt to account transaction



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    I'd like to add another vote for getting this functionality into Wave. I haven't been a user for a real long time, but this lack of being able to add a receipt to an existing transaction has been quite annoying. Anything you can do to speed up the delivery of this would be appreciated!

  • holstein13holstein13 Member Posts: 1

    Please add my vote to allow us to attach a receipt to an existing transaction. This would save me a lot of time and help keep me organized.

  • iamfelixiamfelix Member Posts: 1

    One more vote from me on this one! Almost two and a half years since this was originally requested. Let's make it happen!

  • SabrineSantos2020SabrineSantos2020 Member Posts: 1

    I scan my receipts and save on my G Drive. :/

  • mishtcmishtc Member Posts: 13

    @Mani said:
    Let's start with an admission: we know our system can be better with this workflow. The duplication is frustrating and the situation is actually common. The solution hasn't always been easy, but we're now actively working towards making improvements this year. Our intent is to first ensure that we do a better job detecting duplicates and merging them for you automatically. Thereafter, we're going to look at shifting towards an "attach receipt" model, and that will permeate throughout Wave. I know it doesn't solve your problems immediately, but know that we feel your pain.

    This was from February 2018. It is August 2020 as I write this.
    It's been 2.5 years and we're still not seeing ANY movement on this at all. When we started with Wave almost 2 years ago, we read this and were hopeful that the very structure of the workflow with Wave and receipts would be moving along to be a sustainable workflow. And here we are, years later, still with no good viable tools for sorting to be able to manually match duplicate transactions, let alone an option that would have the bots do the work of finding duplicates, the duplicates that are made at the very heart of the receipting tool workflow.

    PLEASE do something about the receipting tool workflow options. Both options you mentioned two years ago are exactly what are needed.

  • cyphix333cyphix333 Member Posts: 39 ✭✭

    Wow..... I joined Wave some time back now and I have a post on the 1st page of this thread, almost 2 years ago now, stating a need for this.

    Kept using Wave for awhile after but then went away from using it as it was just too much work without having this feature, and now, out of interest I come back to see, and over this almost 2 year period since I originally posted, Wave have STILL not implemented this basic necessary functionality!

    I'm aware that sometimes there may be some more pressing issues, such as the integration of the whole system into a new one, fair enough, but outside of that how many more important things can there possibly be then implementing something that should have been there since day dot!?

    Wave are acting like it's an "enhancement" or a "nice to have" when it's nothing of the sort, tracking receipts is a critical part of accounting - yet they aren't treated as such! Why is this!? Why does so many other things seem so much more important than implementing something that is critical to basic accounting?

    I'm sure there are many important things, but for whatever reason this doesn't appear to be one of them - really, I would like this question answered, why is this so less important then everything else that is been put ahead of it for the last 2+ years!?

    I'm a developer myself, so I understand somewhat what the development procedure would be like for it - and whilst I'm not going to say it's an "easy job" like so many others have, seeing as I don't know what the inner workings are like on the backend, but on the surface it's certainly not something that should be highly complex to do either.

    Whilst Wave have somewhat been in communication throughout this thread, it has been much the same and filled with broken promises or statements; and the last several updates have been very vague and missing any concrete statements.

    We got told back in May of 2019 that:

    is on the roadmap for one of our priority projects for this year

    ...and yet here we are over a year later and no semblance of it even being a priority!?

    But then told July 2019 that:

    it's just not a main focus for our software at the moment


    we just don't have this listed a top priority at the moment

    Then in August 2019:

    it's not something that we're preparing for in the immediate future, which means it's unlikely to be implemented any time soon. As Chelsea mentioned above, the feature will be a part of Wave's future, but that looks to be some time down the road.

    After this there were a number of mentions of it being a "top priority" for early 2020 or "may" be in 2020, but here we are, almost the start of Q4 in 2020 and nothing.

    It seems the last several "updates" have all been very vague that Wave are "aware" of how much the feature is wanted, but there is no ETA or updates at this time.

    It'd be interesting to know what exactly are all these other new features that are so much more important than being able to attach a receipt to a transaction - being it has been over 2 years since the start of this thread it is pretty hard to fathom the vast amount of features that could possibly be more important than this.

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  • cyphix333cyphix333 Member Posts: 39 ✭✭

    double post...

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  • CalliePCallieP Administrator Posts: 439 admin

    Hi there @cyphix333 , thanks for taking the time to parse through this thread and share your perspectives with us. Thanks also for your understanding on the back end being more complex than it seems.

    With that in mind, I can say that some of the other things which we've been focusing on include enhancing all of the products & services we offer, such as Payments onboarding, our new feature Money, and also pivoting to offer significant support and feature launches in response to COVID-19 (specifically around Payroll). As there is a workaround for this feature idea, which is to upload the receipt and then merge that created transaction with an existing one, we have been suggesting this in the meantime while our priorities have been on these and other feature developments. (Though we are working to improve the Accounting Transactions page as we speak.)

    As our products and software have developed, so too has our road map/priorities, and so while this thread is two years old, the changes which have accumulated over that time have resulted in de-prioritization. I'm sorry if this change in focus has not been communicated clearly enough on this forum. Your feedback helps us know how to improve not only the software itself, but our communications surrounding it, and so I thank you for sharing this with us here. I've shared this with the team and we will be looking to continue to improve how these types of changes are addressed moving forward. Thanks for your understanding.

  • MarcOlivierMarcOlivier Member Posts: 3

    My interpretation of CallieP's latest post is that adding this basic functionality isn't being considered anymore. :(

    To everyone new and old on this thread, please don't forget to [⬆ Vote Up] the first post. Hopefully this helps Wave prioritize.

    @gabgren Outstanding job on taking action and the Chrome Extension! :) (love La Grenade too, lol)

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    Nevermind, I saw after the fact that there are pages and pages regarding this issue but there seems to be no interest in addressing it. Can't figure out how to delete my post so I'm modifying it.

    It is now September of 2020 and as far as I've been able to determine I still can't attach receipts to transactions. If there is a secret way to do this I would love to be enlightened.

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  • MARIE0716MARIE0716 Member Posts: 1
    I too vote for this feature. To know that it was bought yo so long ago and it hasn’t been implemented is a shame. Please let us know when this will be in production.
  • JulianPJulianP Administrator Posts: 4 admin

    Hey there @MARIE0716 ! Thanks for expressing your interest in this feature. I completely understand how this feature will improve your Wave experience. At this time, there is no ETA available as to when or if this feature will be implemented.

    I know this may not be what you wanted to hear but moving forward we plan on notifying the Wave Community when new major developments will be implemented.

  • StratozsphereStratozsphere Member Posts: 4

    Three years on...still waiting......

    Can we all just band together, put our money towards hiring a developer to build a system that works like Wave and has this much needed feature?

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