Receipts on Android activating front cam

yourtechsolutionyourtechsolution Member Posts: 2

I understand the need to use the camera for Receipts; it's obviously a core functionality for the app to do its thing.

I'd like to know though, why my front-facing camera pops up on starting the app. Seems unnecessary at best, and definitely creepy at worst.


  • EmmaPEmmaP Administrator Posts: 639 admin

    Hi @yourtechsolution! Hmmm, it should not be the 'selfie' orientated camera that opens automatically. Are you able to try some initial troubleshooting steps to see if it changes anything?

    • Ensure that you've turned on permissions from the settings menu of your device.
    • Log out and back into the app.
    • Uninstall and reinstall the app on your device.
    • Restart your device.

    In the Receipts app if you head to settings there is also an option 'Start with Camera'. Try turning this option on/off to see if that makes any difference.

    If after trying these steps the front camera is still opening, can you let me know: the version of the app you are using, the type of device you are using, and the operating system version. I'd be more than happy to look into this further for you!

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