Changing payroll dates after returning from leave

DschwankDschwank Member Posts: 1
I have just reinstated wave and my employee after being on maternity leave. I am trying to approve the payroll (due tomorrow) but it defaults to 1.5 years ago when I stopped using my account its picking up where I left off. Its really frustrating and I cant figure out how to change my payroll dates to the more recent one.


  • BarsinBarsin Administrator Posts: 1,811 admin

    Hey there @Dschwank

    I would reach out to our support team by submitting a ticket to or logging on to the chat widget (for faster response time). They have a lot more insight into your account and can easily access data we may not have eyes on in the community. Apologize we may have missed your deadline.

    Your frequency is something you've set in your account previously and this is something you can't change at this time. So your payroll needs to land in your biweekly pay period which it looks like you've managed to do (unfortunately not in your time period you were hoping for).

    To change your payroll frequency if you wish, you'll need to get a support agent to do this through chat or ticket.

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