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DominicDominic Member Posts: 2
Hi everyone, I am wondering if there is any way that I can get people to sign for invoices on a Note 9 or 10. Would love to reduce the amount of paper that I am going to use in my business. I still work for others and they end up throwing there invoices away and reference the digital copy that is emailed to them instead. Obviously I will give them the option. TIA


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    Have you considered using one of the e signature services out there like Adobe Sign? That is what I use for my clients to sign engagement letters and e filing forms. The PDF gets emailed with a pre filled signature block that you create. The signed copy gets emailed to all parties.

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  • DominicDominic Member Posts: 2
    No I haven't, but I will now. And thank you for your excellent advice @Mikeg
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