Duplicate Bank Accounts in list after Activating Payments

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I recently created a new company. I connected by bank accounts (checking & credit card) with no problem. I imported transactions from 1/1/19. No problems. I then activated Payments. In the activation process the system naturally asked me to connect the Payments account to my bank account, which I did. Now, in the Connected Accounts tab under Banking, there is one set of Bank of America accounts (checking and cc) that were there previously, and an additional set (the same two accounts) that appeared after I activated Payments. I'm not sure if I did something wrong when activating Payments. I have not done anything with the accounts since this happened.

Should both sets of accounts be there? They weren't in a previous company I had set up.

I would like to turn on the "Accounting-import transactions" switch for payments and import all the Payment transactions since 1/1/19 so I can get all my data up to date. But I'm afraid it will create duplicate transactions in the system.

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    Hi @Fritz_G and welcome to Wave's Community Forum! Looks like you also submitted an email ticket to our Support Team and you are already working with them to resolve the issue through the email! I'll let you both work it out there! :)

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