Problem with Transaction and Cashflow

CetustoneCetustone Member Posts: 31

When we input multiple invoice payment through transaction=>add income, the invoices gets updated but the cash flow does not update accordingly, and if I make any edit from the transaction the invoice I edited is updated but other invoices in the same transaction is getting a second entry, and all the other invoice is showing paid double or triple times. and cash account and bank accounts are not showing right results.


  • ChelseaKChelseaK Administrator Posts: 262 admin

    @cetustone It sounds like you're saying that your Transactions page is not syncing with your Cash Flow Report. In that case, can you DM me the primary email address associated with your business and your business name? I want to see if I can run what's called a 're-flow' to refresh the Report data so it syncs with your Transactions page.

    Hmm, as for the double and sometimes triple invoice payment sounds like maybe you are manually marking the invoice as paid from Sales > Invoices > Mark as Paid as well as adding the income from Accounting > Transactions. When you mark an invoice as paid, it automatically creates an income Transaction. Perhaps you are manually adding other income transactions on top of that?

    In any case, please also DM me a screenshot of your duplicate entries so I can take a closer look into what might have happened!

  • CetustoneCetustone Member Posts: 31

    @ChelseaK I am only using Accounting>Transactions, I takes only 25 entry for invoice, if I input more invoice payment it generates error, But When I collect multiple payment for invoices (perhaps 80 or 100), It is very difficult to make entry from sales>Invoices>Mark as Paid and keep track of the total payment, So, I use Accounting>Transactions, but the cashflow does not sync, and I press Save multiple times for this entry the invoices are marked paid multiple times, same thing happens when I edit any old entries....

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  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,733 admin

    Hi @cetustone . I took a look on our end to see if all of your information is displaying correctly. I made a minor tweak, so take a look at your account to see if this fixed the issue. If you're still seeing issues, let me know and we can look into it further for you.

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  • CetustoneCetustone Member Posts: 31

    Hi @AlexL
    I am currently having problem with New Invoice Creation, when I am creating new invoice I am unable to add an Item to the invoice, the Item list shows but hen I select the Item nothing happens, some time trying for many times the Item is added. for the last few weeks this is happening.
    Please give us a solution asap, thanks and regards.

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