Add cc carbon copy to invoice addressees

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Currently adding a person to the send list of an invoice acts as a blind carbon copy BCC. I often need to send an invoice to an accounts department but CC the person who liaised with the job. The problem is that one party doesn't know if the other party has also been sent the invoice causing confusion. It's easy to add an other person to send the invoice to, but it would be so great if they could see the cc'd contact.


  • ChelseaKChelseaK Member Posts: 261 ✭✭

    @Wonder Hey! Thanks for letting us know that a CC function would be useful for you when sending invoices. I'm going to alert our Product Liaison about this!

    Can you provide even more details about the situation that would make a CC function useful? Are there any other situations you can see it would be useful for? The more details we have, the better we can paint a picture on how a feature like this would help your workflow!

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    @ChelseaK it's basically the same as any standard email function. The idea when sending invoices to multiple contacts is that there is usually the primary contact...for example the Accounts department—the one who needs to pay the bills...and the Marketing department—for example the person who commissioned the project. Accounts may want to verify with the Marketing contact before they pay the invoice so it is useful for them to see and know who the job came through (cc). The Marketing department may not need to action anything but it's useful for them to know that the project has been invoiced and closed off. I would want to BCC myself just so that I have a copy for my records.

    Currently, I add multiple contacts to invoice sends but they always email me back asking whether I have also sent to the other department because there is no other way for them to know. This is a pain because then it causes me to question whether I did, so then I need to manually go and check, then confirm by sending another email back. All time that could be saved if the fields operated like a normal email client.

  • BarsinBarsin Member, Moderator Posts: 2,041 ✭✭✭

    Hey there @Wonder

    Thanks so much for the additional context. Chelsea has submitted this to our team as feedback. As a workaround, I'm sure you may know this already, but for others, you can always download a PDF version of your invoice (even with active payments on) and send it via email if you wanted. This would allow you to add a CC on your thread.

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    Hey @BarsinA, yes I'm aware. The problem with that is that it wouldn't be marked as 'sent' within the system? Because I like to use Wave to track where things are at I need to be able to mark it. Could that be done manually?

    Following this it would also be good to be able to select who payment reminders went to...just accounts...the person cc'd as well. I've had to manually do this depending on where an invoice is at.

    I also noted today that it would be good to have a few canned responses to add to the email that goes with the invoice send. Example: "Thanks for you business. For questions please contact XXX." I know this is on the invoice itself but from a social business perspective it's more polite to add something to the body of an email rather than leaving it blank. A feature like this would save constantly retyping the same/similar text when sending multiple invoices. I use a number of responses depending on the client. For example one may just need the nicety of the example above, others may need the vendor number and purchase order listed. For this reason it would be good to be able to choose from a selection of pre-prepared texts.

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    Hey @Wonder . After sending it through your email server, it will actually kick you back into Wave asking if the email was indeed sent, so it can be marked that way.

    Thanks for the additional feedback here. I'll be honest when I say I'm not sure that these updates are on our current roadmap, but I will gladly pass the feedback along to the team so they know we have a user looking for these features :smile:!

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    Ran into this exact issue today. When I CC a person, they don't know that they were CC'ed, it looks like the invoice was sent to them directly. They then end up forwarding the invoice email to someone else who's already received the e-mail. The PDF download is a useable workaround, but having it not work as a BCC by default would be even better.

  • darwinxcidarwinxci Member Posts: 1

    I ran into the same issue as well.

    It would be really nice to have this feature.
    It's important that the main recipient can see the CC: in the email.
    As well the CC: should see the main recipient.

    Maybe you guys can add a cc: checkbox, next to the text input when adding email?

    I'm currently doing the workaround, export the invoice and send the email manually.

    Would be nice to be able to do it inside the app as well.

  • cesauve2cesauve2 Member Posts: 1

    I've been using Paypal to send invoices, and am not using Wave Apps for this very reason. PayPal invoices allows me to CC whoever I need to. Which notifies the business contact who is approving the expense, that I've sent the invoice to Accounts Payable. Without the CC function in Wave, it's not going to work for my needs. This is how Paypal does it:

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