"Payment received for an invoice in wave" does not show up

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Only invoices in home currency can be closed by "Payment received for an invoice in wave". So, manually mark invoice as paid and then merge this transaction with the bank transaction to avoid double income. To Merge transactions: select 2 transactions and in the top menu select Merge.

I'm starting to use Wave and now I reconstruct the last month. So, I imported bank transactions. Then created invoices. Now I want to mark invoice as paid and connect it with appropriate bank transaction. But the category "Payment received for an invoice in wave" does not show up! The currency of invoice and transaction is the same. I don't want to use workaround and categorize it as Money in transit or Sale - I want to clearly see what is paid.
Before I created invoices it seems there was this option "Payment received for an invoice in wave" in categories.
May be it is connected with the items in the invoice - my item (Sales - Products and Services) has income account set as Sales. May be that's the problem? But the invoice must have items... Any ideas?


  • OlegTOlegT Member Posts: 5
  • OlegTOlegT Member Posts: 5

    Hey guys, it's me again)
    Just trying to investigate here. Another deposit transaction has the option "Payment received for an invoice in wave". What's the difference between transactions? Well:

    • this transaction in PLN currency
    • this transaction from a prior month

    Any thoughts?

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    Hey @OlegT . Thanks for working hard at this one on your own to try and get it figured out, I admire your ambition :smile: .The issue here is that your home currency is in PLN which means that this is the only transaction that you can actually assign to invoices.

    A workaround for this would be to record the payment on the invoice itself. This will create a transaction in your Transaction page, and at that point you can just merge the pre-existing transaction with the newly created payments transaction.

    Let me know if you have any further questions!

  • OlegTOlegT Member Posts: 5

    Hey @AlexL ! Thanks for your help. Yes, I got it that the issue is my home currency. I've tried your solution and it worked out! Merge is a great thing and it's easy!

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