consolidated payment for several invoices

YuriYuri Member Posts: 3

Hello folks.
I have a bank feed enabled. Sometimes I receive one consolidated payment from a client for several invoices. So I will have one _transaction against a _few invoices. How can I categorize such transactions and how can I record proper payment in invoices?


  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,753 admin

    Hey @Yuri . This one comes up a lot. In that transaction in the transactions page, you can select "split this deposit" in the transaction window and split it out into as many payments as you need. Then, categorize the payment to "Payment received for an invoice in Wave" to any of your unpaid invoices. This will mark it as paid and allow you to assign one total deposit to numerous invoices.

  • YuriYuri Member Posts: 3

    Thanks a lot, Alex. That was exactly what I needed!

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