Looking for BC Accountant to file back Corp taxes

JordanClarkJordanClark Member Posts: 1

I have a corp, but I'm the only employee, doing programming work for clients in US & Canada.

I'm several years behind filing my corp taxes and need help. I shouldn't have taxes owing because I pay out all income as payroll salary with remittances.

I have all my bank accounts reconciled in Wave, it's not complex, few expenses, no retained earnings.

I live in the Okanagan area, but I'm cool with someone who is remote as long as they can file taxes in British Columbia/Canada.



  • aitfservicesaitfservices Member Posts: 2

    We would love to help you! Check us out on aitfservices.com for contact information!

  • KimptonKimpton Member Posts: 44

    Happy New Years,

    Not sure if you've made any progress Jordan. If you have, great!
    If not give me a shout; we'll get you set up and get those prior years filed.


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