Special Accomodation Tax Invoicing

mikmik Member Posts: 3

In my country Greece we have to give 2 kind of invoices for short term rentals.
The standard that mutual to everyone in the world and writes the price+VAT and the other one which is called SAT (special accommodation tax).
That has to be in a different invoice without VAT applied but with the same client's info and same Invoice Number
Is there a way to have 2 kind of invoices?**


  • JordanDJordanD Administrator, Moderator Posts: 344 admin

    Hey @mik! Wave was created to be an easy invoicing solution for business owner's across the world. At the moment, we have one template that seems to be successful for many areas of the world. While Wave doesn't yet offer a solution that automatically creates an invoice that applies the Special Accommodation Tax to it, you can duplicate the invoice that you have created and then make the necessary tweaks to it as needed to create the SAT Invoice.

    To be transparent, I'm personally not familiar with the SAT invoice as we are located in North America, however, I'd be curious to hear from others that also use an SAT Invoice to find out what areas of the world also use it, and if you have any other specific needs on the SAT invoice in order for it to fit the regulations!

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