Simple Project Management Feature Required

WanasWanas Member Posts: 2

Hello Wave Team,
I'm using your great system since 2013

I would like to discuss a small feature that helps a lot to be implemented in Wave

It is the Simple Project Management,
Let me first explain my idea of it ( as it is not the normal project management way that all software are doing out there)

if We have a tap Called Projects,
I would link only 3 Records as first Ver. of it
1. Estimates
2. Invoice or Invoices
3. Bill or Bills

By adding a field for each Invoice and Bill witch I can choose the Project from a list

Then all will be linked together

Please it is only 1 extra field in your Database
and 1 Table for Project list

we will have the advantage of getting much more important information
We can check Gross profits by Projects


  • EmmaPEmmaP Administrator Posts: 299 admin

    Hey @Wanas! So awesome to hear you have been with us since 2013! Thanks for providing your feedback here. As you know, at the moment Wave does not currently offer project-based accounting. However, the Product Team are always looking for ways to make Wave better and this is a highly requested feature so it's on our radar for potential future enhancements. Something like the feature you have suggested is small change that could have a big impact!

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