Anybody also stuck in Uploading Invoice using Google Sheets?



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    @emcreditscentral I was! Thank you for reaching out - after looking at our timestamps on these comments, it appears that I got back to you one single minute after you posted this :) Let's keep that dialogue going, thank you for holding me accountable!

  • VirginiaVirginia Member Posts: 6

    @AlexL said:
    Hi everyone. This seems to be an ongoing issue that we're having which causes an infinite load time. We do have a temporary solution to this until we can get it fixed. When creating the invoice upload sheet, select the following additional / optional fields, and consider them mandatory:

    Invoice Date
    Due Date
    Invoice Number Label

    The only one that should not be intuitive to complete is Invoice Number Label. This is simply the 'name' of the invoice document, usually just “Invoice”.

    I have already done this (see my earlier post), and still stuck on uploading invoices. In fact now it has an additional bug/feature. I states "ERROR: 1 Products have errors. Invoice will not be loaded.", however if I duplicate the row it does not generate same error.

    I am just going to convert the sheet into invoices, its going to save me a load of time. I thought this add-on was going to be a big time saver for me, it has just burnt hours and late issuing of invoices.

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    Hey there @Virginia
    Can you try adding a, additional black line between your invoices and trying uploading again. Also check out this thread for some additional context

  • VirginiaVirginia Member Posts: 6

    @BarsinA that does not work for me either, I have been using Waveapps for at least 3 years and only started using Waveconnect in last 2 months. I use the Stripe Integration, but cannot justify using Waveapps any longer for invoicing. Why cant I just upload a CSV file direct to Waveapps? The same CSV upload would also be good for products.

    It will just be easier for me to create a google form and get staff to use that to fill in sales details and then generate invoice at the end of the month.

    Did you mean a "blank" row, or a row filled/shaded in "black"?

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    Hi @Virginia, sorry to hear about the on-going trouble you're having here. Can you let me know a bit of your workflow? How often do you upload invoices into Wave? Has it worked successfully in the past for you? I think if you try inserting a blank row between each one it may help.

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    I did upload more than 100 lines on my first batch of invoices, then on my second, everything worked ok up to validating my data, which was ok, but then hit upload-approved....and its not there some problem with the connection between google sheets and wave...

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    Hey @DanielGT . I merged your thread into this one so you have more resources to read through. There are steps on how to solve this outlined in my post above from November 6th. Please try these and let me know how it works. We also have some additional details on what's going on in the thread here.

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    Still no solution to this? I'm still in the infinite uploading loop.

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