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Hiya. Does anybody know how I can change the email address my receipts are sent from? It doesn't give me the option to switch to the email of the current business profile I am in, only the email address I used to set up my original profile. I obviously want the receipt to send from the business to which my client has made payment. Thanks!


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    you can add another email in your account settings or perhaps change the email that you set up the account with to the business one

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    Hi @superqueen.

    As @Lindaa said, you'll have to change the primary email for your entire account if you want the email that shows up at the bottom of your invoice emails to change. You can find out how to do it here.

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  • superqueensuperqueen Member Posts: 2

    Thank you, ladies! Sorry I didn't check back in on this - it hasn't bugged me again until now.
    So when I send an invoice, I can choose which business email address is the sender from a drop-down menu. But when I want to send a receipt after recording a payment, I don't have the same option. So receipts for all 3 businesses have to show as coming from my personal email address, which is very confusing for my clients. I'm assuming nothing can be done about this except to make a separate account for each business, which then defies one of the great things about Wave: one login for all my businesses :(

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    Thanks @superqueen. As you've said, this is inconvenient now - you can add multiple emails and change your primary address depending on which business you're working in or each time you send an invoice receipt - it's a manual process that could certainly be more convenient. The reason has to do with the way that email address relates to your account in Wave; it's associated with your customer identity rather than individually to your businesses. We really appreciate the feedback.

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