Child Support - IWO Income Withholding Order

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Two Questions
One of our business partners (who is an active W-2 earner in our company) has an IWO for child support.

**Q1: **How do we label this deduction in payroll?

Our current method is:
Credit Account > Employee Payments Received "Employee Benefits Received"
- - We created it as an after-tax deduction from pay
- - Problem: It shows up in my income statement as business income (which it's not).

Q2: Why does the child support deduction show up as income and will that inccurate reflect on our income statement for business revenue?


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    Hi @mafost! Thanks for reaching out! It looks like you have already been in touch with our team in regards to these questions. They have followed up with some steps for you. As this is a more specialized question, if you have further queries around it, we recommend replying directly to the email so the appropriate team can follow up with you. If you do have any further questions about Wave, don't hesitate to ask us here :)

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