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Pdino64Pdino64 Member Posts: 4

I have a couple requests for invoices that I'm quite surprised don't already exist.

  • Period being invoiced A small calendar widget that indicates which days you worked for the client. Most clients I've worked with want to know this
  • Invoices that save data from previous- maybe a small tick next to each section that indicates whether you want the data to be saved for next time. Every invoice I make I have to copy and paste my 'notes' and 'footer' section that has my banking details and sign off message. Why does the header save but not the footer??


  • Pdino64Pdino64 Member Posts: 4
    • Thanks in advance
  • EmmaPEmmaP Member Posts: 639 admin

    Hey @Pdino64! Thanks for reaching out and providing your feedback here. In terms of your first comment, this is a common feature request. We do not have anything in the works for this at the moment but it is being considered! For your second point, I like your idea of being able to save particular data. While we don't have this function, have you tried duplicating previous invoices? This should create a new invoice with all the previous information (including the notes & footer). Alternatively, if your footer notes are the same across all invoices you send, you can head to: Settings > Invoice Customization to add a default footer.

  • Pdino64Pdino64 Member Posts: 4

    Ok cool thats good to know I didn't realise.


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