Example posting of a journal transaction

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I need to insert custom transactions to wave automatically using the Wave API. Could tech support please provide an example, or add this to the documentation?

For example, I need to post a split transaction, eg

debit accounts receivable 350
credit income account A with 200
credit income account B with 150

Currently it seems this is not possible, if so I will need to use Xero instead, but I prefer the simplicity of Wave.

Many thanks


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    @xenium Glad you're enjoying the simplicity of Wave! I'm afraid you wouldn't be able to automatically create journal transactions in Wave! All journal transactions are handled manually from the transactions page by heading to Accounting > Transactions > More > Add a Journal Entry.

    You can also split transactions in Wave by selecting the transaction and then selecting 'Split this Transaction'. I'm afraid splits of this nature would also need to be handled manually.

    Curious to know more about this though! In what situation would it be useful for Wave to create these transactions automatically? More specifically, what is your vision for this request? We would love to know more about the nature of your business!

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    Thanks for your reply.

    The data to load is from the Airbnb transaction handoff file, available to 650,000 Airbnb hosts to download from their Airbnb account. This file reconciles Airbnb bookings to Airbnb payments.

    A workaround is to load it as a bank statement, but then it needs reconciling to the hosts own bank statement.

    More discussion on this here:

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