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anitsavanitsav Member Posts: 2


Anyone know how to attach a separate pdf to my invoice (eg timesheet)? I'm wanting to send the invoice plus a few pdf's at the same time


  • AmandaKAmandaK Administrator Posts: 71 admin

    @anitsav Welcome to the Wave community! You can't add an attachment to a Wave invoice, but you can export your invoice as a PDF and then send your customer an email with the invoice attached, alongside any other PDFs you'd like to include.

    The invoice itself won't be clickable since it's a PDF, but you can include the payment link associated with your invoice in your email. To access the payment link, click on the invoice on your Invoices page, click More Actions at the top of the page, then Get share link.

  • anitsavanitsav Member Posts: 2
    That's very helpful. Thanks!!
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