Employee not showing up in payroll

kmchenrykmchenry Member Posts: 1

I'm trying to run my first payroll, but the one employee (me) doesn't show up in payroll. Message is that I have to add an employee in order to run payroll. The payroll dates are July 3 - 31. Payday is today, August 9. Employee's salary is active since July 1. I've checked setting several times, but I'm must be missing something.



  • BarsinBarsin Administrator Posts: 1,796 admin

    Hey there @kmchenry

    There could be a number of reasons why this may be. My guess is that if you were to go to the Payroll > Employees > Salary section, you may find that the effective salary start date is after the dates you're looking to submit a payroll for.

    You can add a new payroll, select new dates and delete the old one (in that particular order). Then you should see yourself show up in the time sheets section to approve your payroll.

    Another reason may be that your employee start date is not correct either. If you head to Employees > Employment status, check what your effective start date is for your employee here as well!

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