Missing invoice number

GinaGina Member Posts: 1

The system has skipped an invoice number. I have looked in drafts, transactions and invoices, and a number does not exist on the system. What has happened? Can anyone help?


  • AlexiaAlexia Administrator Posts: 3,314 admin

    Hi @Gina.

    Have you looked under the "All Invoices" tab, on the Invoice page? Could you have entered or changed the number by hand, by accident? If the invoice was simply never created, you can just re-number the invoices from that number onwards manually.

    There wasn't any other reports of issues with invoices skipping numbers, so I would be surprised to find out that Wave caused the issue. That being said, if this happens again, please let us know.

  • HempInspectorHempInspector Member Posts: 5

    Hm. I just noticed that a number seems to have been skipped for me also. I cannot find any evidence that the invoice ever existed, and I do not recall deleting it. Not a big deal, just peculiar.

  • ZoeCZoeC Administrator Posts: 389 admin

    Hey @HempInspector, thanks for reaching out! That is unusual! Typically when this happens, an invoice number has been changed or an invoice deleted, as Alexia mentioned above. If you need an invoice to have that number you can make the edit yourself and it will adjust things for you!

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