Can you download PDF invoice from app?

AmeliaAmelia Member Posts: 2

Hi, I've tried to have a look around on the app but I can't find any way to download a PDF from the app. I have several clients who ask me to WhatsApp their invoices to them, the closest I have managed so far is screenshot and crop the invoice preview and send them the image but I think sending it as a PDF would look much more professional?

If it's not possible to do this, is there someone here with the power to pass this suggestion forward that it may become a feature in future?



  • JamieDJamieD Administrator Posts: 1,117 admin

    Hey @Amelia. Thanks a lot for your suggestion. If you could give me a little bit more context regarding your business, and how you would like to see this feature implemented in Wave, I would be happy to see if this is something that can be added to a potential roadmap in the future. Let me know when you get a chance!

  • Shawn10Shawn10 Member Posts: 1


    This feature should definitely already be in with the mobile version. On our desktops, we can simply click "Download to PDF". It's simple and awsome. I DO NOT use WAVE's mobile app, simply because I can not export my invoices from it.

  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,013 admin

    Hey @Shawn10 . It's good feedback to hear that this lack of feature is actually stopping you from using the mobile app. Currently, we have no plans on adding a "download PDF" button to it, but it's feedback like this that helps our devs prioritize new features as we move forward.

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