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  • johnsicilijohnsicili Member Posts: 8

    Any updates on when this feature will be implemented? +1 on needing this

  • steveg_skyhawkpixsteveg_skyhawkpix Member Posts: 1

    +1 for me on this.

    Almost everything is a subscription service these days. I have hardly any expenses that are one-off. I pay for internet, mobile phone, gallery proofing, education memberships, online contracts, SEO, marketing, photoshop....the list goes on. They are all subscriptions i.e. recurring billing. Please bump this up the list, it's a big hole in Wave's offering.

  • aliwavealiwave Member Posts: 7

    hi ! checking in to also express the need for this feature, especially recurring expenses please!

  • AlexLAlexL Member Posts: 2,869 ✭✭✭

    Hey @CamR , no updates on this at the moment.

  • mikelawzmikelawz Member Posts: 0

    Why isn't the Wave team prioritising something as basic as recurring bills? This is a basic feature and shouldn't have taken so long to be added. Please take a look into this because it's getting ridiculous. We have been waiting for it since 2019. And now 2020 is ending. Do better guys please.

  • OrendaOrenda Member Posts: 1

    We recently switched to Wave from QBO and were shocked to realize that a simple feature such as duplicating expenses wasn't available. We are also hoping that this request gets implemented into the Wave UI sooner rather than later.......

  • johnsicilijohnsicili Member Posts: 8

    I'm over the Wave product team. "No updates" is the common theme across all these posts. Do you guys prioritize the backlog? Can you tell us that you met about this? That you are going to consider our requests? It feels like you have one part time developer and a product owner who pursues their own agendas and not what the customers want. That's how you sink a company.

  • danibartdanibart Member Posts: 2

    We are in 2021 and this feature is still not available, manually entering recurring bills is really a big wast of time!

  • lindseyprincelpclindseyprincelpc Member Posts: 0

    I've seen past discussions about recurring bills. Is this something that's moving beyond discussion? This would simplify things for so many businesses. Everybody has recurring bills and it just makes sense to make this a feature in an accounting software.

    edited January 28, 2021
  • bogdan3mbogdan3m Member Posts: 1

    Yes please. Recurring bills would be amazing. And thank you for all the work you've done so far. I can imagine you guys have a huge workload. I'm aware of the bill duplication feature, but it's still an extra task I need to perform 12 times for each bill. Net, insurance, telecom, software subscriptions, electricity, there's a ton of recurring bills we all have. Without it Wave feels like a bike with one pedal, yeah you can still ride it, but it's slow and awkward.

  • BevnewsBevnews Member Posts: 3

    I've been using Wave almost from its inception. It has come such as long way and is almost everything we need, now. BUT... the inability to have recurring bills for our monthly expenses is a real bummer, and I simply don't understand why this has not already been completed. It seems to me users have been begging for this for at least five . . . maybe 10 years.

  • BevnewsBevnews Member Posts: 3

    I've been using Wave almost since inception, and Wave has come a long way. There's a long trail on this topic in Sales & Invoicing. It's hard to understand why Wave has not already implemented recurring billing. It's something we all have, including (I'm sure) Wave itself. Please, please, please put this on your priority list.
    When Wave began, the idea was it would simply bring in all transactions, which users could then categorize. But that leads to inaccurate accounting because recurring bills should show on the balance sheet until paid.
    Please, please, please fix this major defect as soon as possible.

  • KiahDKiahD Administrator Posts: 267 admin

    Hi all,

    Thank you again for your feedback and support for the Recurring Bills feature in this thread. At the moment this isn't a feature that is a priority for Wave in regards to feature updates, but we appreciate your support! For the moment, the workflow remains the same, and I'm sorry for the inconvenience here.

    Hi @Bevnews! I've merged your posts into this ongoing discussion we have on recurring bills, so you're able to view the wider discussion on this topic.

    So that your bills show on the Balance Sheet until they are paid, you can create the bill when you receive it, before it's paid. This will be tracked in your Accounts Payable (or your chosen liability account) on the Balance Sheet. Then you can use the transaction imported from your bank connection to mark it as paid, by selecting the category "Payment received for a Bill in Wave > Bill #...". That should help you keep track of your bills more accurately!

    edited January 28, 2021
  • UglyMUglyM Member Posts: 2

    I also would like to express that now, as this being the second feature that is not prioritized i will be taking my business else where. this is such a basic feature, i dont understand how it cant be implemented. I was disappointed with the banking feature being taken away, then there is no automatic message sent when sending out invoices (again wasting huge amounts of time for something so simple) and now this. i cant spend 2hrs a day doing extra bits that can be set to auto with other businesses.

    I would even PAY for these features.....i suppose Wave is making too much money for the % of accepted credit card to bother working this out.


  • REPSpaceREPSpace Member Posts: 1

    Add my vote!

  • anony_mooseanony_moose Member Posts: 3
    Upvote from me too. (Though sounds like this is a pretty clear “no thank you” from Wave. Am I understanding that correctly?)

    @UglyM , do you have recommendations on where to switch. We’re spending too much time on this now too and are happy to pay for something that does this well. Any ideas?
  • AltusITAltusIT Member Posts: 1

    I want to +1 this as well. I've just started using Wave as the billing and accounting platform for my new business but I need something that I could create recurring billing on so I don't lose track of a bill. This should be a really high priority for Wave instead of a feature request lasting 3+ years.

  • ChiDulyChiDuly Member Posts: 2

    stumbling onto this thread, and seeing how long such a simple time saving feature has gone unaddressed, is very concerning. My company may be looking into dropping Wave Apps over this - unless a reasonable answer is given as to when the feature is coming or why there are no plans for it.

  • UELUEL Member Posts: 1

    I've read the first page of the thread from 2019, and it seems that in 2021, the need persists for the recurring bill payments. Recurring bill for items like monthly subscription plans (ZOOM, CANVA, etc) for my business are needed and will help make everything easier and faster.

  • VegterFinancial1VegterFinancial1 Member Posts: 1

    I'm shocked this feature still is not available. Wave Support - any updates on if this is going to be added? It's killing my workflows and adding time to process transactions.


  • Joe_Del_WareJoe_Del_Ware Member Posts: 1

    I'm another user that is also looking for this feature. It's incredibly time consuming to enter in recurring bills every month, and am really shocked that after two years of customer requests it's still not a feature. While I love Wave overall, this one issue might actually force me to use another product instead if it's not added soon.

  • Andy53Andy53 Member Posts: 3

    Kindly add the recurring expense feature, for example, let us say, if I paid $40 per month for telephone bill.

  • amberwamberw Member Posts: 1

    Definitely add my vote to requesting a recurring expense feature. My business has many monthly/quarterly expenses and it's very tedious to continuously duplicate transactions.

  • DadhamiDadhami Member Posts: 3

    I also would like to see a recurring bill feature. It creates essential cash flow forecasting data.

  • JohanaJohana Member Posts: 3

    I am also voting to have this feature added. I really like working with wave and would like to see it improving.

  • GreggStonecipherGreggStonecipher Member Posts: 1

    Add my vote to a recurring expense feature. This would be such a time saver, rather than having to manually enter the same expenses over and over again.

  • akgakg Member Posts: 1

    No recurring bills capability, no API access to bills to roll our own solution, and no plans to plans to fix either are glaring omissions, please reconsider.

    edited April 17, 2022
  • NDLLCNDLLC Member Posts: 2

    In today's world of subscription-based software and services, setting up recurring bills is a necessary feature for every small business! Duplicating a bill every time it is paid is tedious and time consuming. Please give this feature a high-priority!

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