Paying Multiple Invoices together

PrestigePrestige Member Posts: 2
I have customers that have 3, 4, or even 12 invoices open at once. The customer would like to pay off all of them. I am looking for a way to select ALL Of them at once, and charger the customers credit card, for one total amount. Not 12 seperate transactions. Please advise, thank you! 😁


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    Hi @Prestige , welcome to the Wave community! Are you looking to process these payments through Payments by Wave? Payments by Wave will allow the customer to overpay a single invoice. In this situation, I'd suggest that you first find the total amount of the collective invoices and then have the client pay that amount on any one of these invoices. After they have overpaid a single invoice, please follow the steps outlined in this article to distribute the excess to the other invoices:

  • PrestigePrestige Member Posts: 2
    Not what I'm looking for.
    The first of the month a new invoice is automatically generated. If the customer didn't pay for 5 months, I want them to be able to select ALL 5 Invoices, to pay them all at once. So it will then show, that all 5 Invoices were Paid. Right now, it has to be done 5 septate times.
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    This is the same question I came on here to find the answer to. Hope you can help. Thanks!

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    Hey there @Prestige @CalCounseling

    As you may have already discovered this is not a feature available in Wave. Myron's point was having your client make one overpayment to an invoice and attributing this to multiple products you're selling. Our invoicing system is coded on an individual invoice basis. So that means when you send a client an invoice they have secure access to pay that particular invoice. Our system doesn't necessarily open up a payment portal to access multiple invoices. This would actually be a major revamp for our payments and invoicing team to re-code all of this. In theory I think it sounds like an incredible idea, but I'll be honest in saying it's not on our current roadmap. Hope you have a great rest of your day!

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