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K1mCP_2017K1mCP_2017 Member Posts: 1

When sending the invoice via waveapps email, my logo is not appearing in the email format.
It looks very unprofessional the olde format was much better looking.

how do I rectify this?

[email protected]


  • James_HudsonJames_Hudson Administrator Posts: 128 admin

    Hi @K1mCP_2017 , I've tested sending an invoice to myself in Wave, and I was able to see the invoice logo in the email sent from Wave's mailer, so we can likely get this solved with some troubleshooting!

    First, click "Settings" in the bottom left of the page and head over to "Invoice Customization." Make sure you have the option to display your logo checked off.

    If you've confirmed that the logo is set to be displayed, can you send a test invoice to yourself, and take a screenshot of how the logo appears in your inbox, as well as a screenshot of how the logo appears in the invoice itself? This will give us a better idea of what may prevent it from being displayed.

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