API - List Latest Transactions of An Account

ninjasoftwareninjasoftware Member Posts: 1

We are building a directors dashboard and I would like to list the last days worth of transactions for our different accounts. Is this possible with GraphQL?

It would appear that it's not possible in the documentation.



  • vesper8vesper8 Member Posts: 4

    Did you figure out how to do this? It does indeed appear that listing account transactions is not possible via their API.. which makes no sense to me.. that's the very first thing I would want to do, so I can build my own duplicate eliminator since they still don't have a means of helping you identify and eliminate duplicates easily

  • AienAien Member Posts: 1

    No updates on this issue? listing the transactions are probably the first reason why someone would want to use the api I guess.

  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,901 admin

    No updates at the moment I'm afraid, @Aien !

  • david007codavid007co Member Posts: 3

    I would like to achieve the same through the GraphQL Api. Is it possible?

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