How Can ai meet me GST report, BAS in order to ATO reporting obligations

Luiskar1207Luiskar1207 Member Posts: 2
Hi everyone, I am newish using Wave accounting app, so far I am really thankful for such help.
I am wondering about the GST, BAS and ATO reporting obligations, how can I do it?
Thanks for your help and understanding


  • Luiskar1207Luiskar1207 Member Posts: 2
    I really appreciate guys someone can help me with the question above!
  • BarsinABarsinA Administrator Posts: 1,407 admin

    Hey there @Luiskar1207

    First off welcome to Wave! Glad to hear you're starting up with our free accounting software. Sometimes it might take a day or two for us to respond as we have a large backlog of comments and questions to get through, so we appreciate your patience. I will ask however, I may be a little unclear as to what you're looking to accomplish here.

    If you'd like to create a new sales tax you can do that in Setting > Sales taxes. This will generate in your Accounts Transactions report once you've begun applying this sales tax to transactions.

    I'm a little unfamiliar with the other acronyms you've mentioned and what you're looking to achieve from our reports. If you could specify what it is you're hoping for I'd be happy to help out further! Thanks.

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