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Hi there,
I am using Wave for expense reporting...meaning I would like to us the app to track all my receipts and expenses for a trip, then export to send to my company for reimbursement...needing to export the scans of the receipts, and the excel table to group expenses. My questions is: does the receipt export include every receipt that has ever been scanned? is there a way i can group everything into one trip, and only export per trip? or by month?

Thank you for any and all help :)


  • James_HudsonJames_Hudson Administrator Posts: 128 admin

    Hey there,

    The receipt export feature is a bulk-export that delivers a zip file of all receipt images ever uploaded to your Wave business. In order to handle the expense reporting that you've outlined, I'd say your best bet is to generate and export an Account Transactions report for the period of a specific trip to get the expense information that you need for the excel table.

    In order to get the images you need, it will be necessary to generate a receipt export and sort through the exported images to find the images that pertain to each trip.

  • StjohnsonStjohnson Member Posts: 2

    Thanks James!!

  • JoanaJoana Member Posts: 5

    Hi James,

    Could you kindly explain how can i export all the uploaded receipts for my expenses in a bulk? Or do i have to download one by one ?

    Thanks a lot.

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  • Ryan_WRyan_W Administrator Posts: 462 admin

    Hey @Joana you can export the receipts that you've uploaded into Wave by clicking Settings > Data Export, selecting the Receipts option, and then you'll receive the file containing all of your receipts stored in Wave in short order!

  • JoanaJoana Member Posts: 5

    Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for the explanation. I have done it.
    Any chance it can be filtered by date or other in order to not download all the stored files so far?


  • Ryan_WRyan_W Administrator Posts: 462 admin

    Hey @Joana I replied to your post in the other thread, but the tl; dr is that there aren't any plans to do this right now, although it's a great suggestion!

  • JoanaJoana Member Posts: 5

    Thanks for the update.
    Looking forward to have this feature in place asap.


  • HastleHoffHastleHoff Member Posts: 1

    I also would very much appreciate the feature to download only receipts within a specific date range. It would be useful as a contractor submitting travel claims and expense reports for particular events.

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