[Canada] New tax page customizations and top-up options

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We're working to help simplify your experience with Payroll by Wave, and have made recent updates to your account to help give you more flexibility and customizations around how you pay your workers.

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See the full picture with improved tax payment insights and actions

Get the full visibility on what's outstanding and coming up for your payroll tax payments. If you're currently managing your own tax payments, you'll now be able to get better insight on upcoming tax payments and mark them as paid as you go.

Top-up payments for employees on-leave

You'll now be able to add a top-up to an employee who's on maternity leave at no extra cost. Here's how to add a top-up payment to a payroll:
1. Under the Employees tab, select the employee who will be receiving the top-up.
2. Under their employee profile, go to Benefits & Deductions > Add to Pay.
3. Select a Supplemental Family Benefit from the drop-down menu and add the additional payment details.
4. Choose whether you want the benefit to occur either every pay cheque (every pay period) or every month.
5. Upon saving, this top-up benefit will appear on your next payroll for your employee.

Learn more about top-ups on our help center.

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