Item description that is unique to each invoice?

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I am trying to create an invoice similar to what I did on Kashoo. That is, I have a service, like "Editing" and then the description should read "Edits on May 19." So the client knows what the charge is for exactly.
However, in Wave it seems that if I put an item and description, it gets permanently added to my "Products and Services" as "Editing" with the description "Edits on May 19" which clearly won't be useful again... and each line item on my invoice is the same, I just accidentally created multiple "Editing" products with very specific, one-time descriptions.
How can I add a one-time description to an item in an invoice? Like if I want to put "artist fees, show name, first instalment" I shouldn't have to create a permanent product / service in my account...



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    Hi @FPH . What you'll want to do here is create a generic product in your Products and Services called "Editing" and give it a description like "Edits on". Every time you go to add this Product to one of your invoices, instead of creating a new Product, you'll want to just select this Product and change the description to "Edits on May 19" for example. This will never change the product details, but by changing them for this one single invoice, it also won't create a new product moving forward.

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    (Funny, I typed this comment but it stayed as a draft - clicked on my reply notification to the OP and it popped up a new window with this message as a draft half-typed... good system! But bad on me for not hitting post??)
    Hmmm I might have figured it out.
    I needed to create the product in the "Products and Services" tab and leave the description blank.
    Then in the individual invoice, I can add that service as a line item and the "Description" field will be blank, at which point I can put whatever I want in there and it will not change the master service's blank description.

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