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Hi All,

May I ask how to make transaction select include sales tax automatically, when reconcile expenses, please?

I am in New Zealand, govt charges 15% good and services tax on everything. It is similar VAT tax. Right now, I need to select each transaction manually, then system will correct transaction split tax component. I have already setup sales taxes at 15% selected this tax is recoverable. Do you know an easy way to do that?

Thanks all in advance

Leo Liu


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    Hi all,
    I found an answer from old post.
    From Samd, Administrator Posts: 560 admin
    you should be able to! You'll still have to manually go through and check the boxes next to each transaction you're hoping to add a tax to. You can also narrow down your transactions page to just display specific accounts and select all if you it will apply to all transactions there.

    Then you'll want to select 'Edit', and in the pop up select Change: Tax, and To: your new tax you want to apply.

    December 12, 2018

    Hope this post helps other as well
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    Hey @LeoLiu . Thanks for finding this and sharing it with everyone!

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