Moving Transactions Between Businesses- Instructions Please

ClarkeyClarkey Member Posts: 16

Please can you provide detailed instructions on how we now should move transactions between businesses (not personal) i.e so we can manage one bank account over multiple businesses. The only suggestions that I can see so far is we have to upload (manually as you can only link one bank account to each business) statements and then delete all the transactions not needed in each business. I can't understand who this is considered a best practice over your previous functionality as there is so much more room for error in deleting items manually and it is so much more work?

Many thanks


  • SFWaver2016SFWaver2016 Member Posts: 12

    that is how we are doing it. Would like a better solution, since the owner of the companies refuses to stick to the One Business, One Credit Card rule.

  • ChelseaKChelseaK Administrator Posts: 262 admin

    @Clarkey @SFWaver2016 While I understand moving transactions between businesses would be an easier solution in your specific cases, I'm afraid that is no longer a feature in Wave as we designed the newer version of the software to facilitate bookkeeping for businesses that have designated bank accounts. As an alternative to uploading bank statements, you can use Wave Connect to import cherry-picked transactions into your Wave business. The instructions for setting up Wave Connect are in the hyperlink!

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