Emails stop to come through

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I have an issue with emails that stopped delivering. The email function worked well for the first two months and on the third month only two of my invoices went through the rest just don't deliver. When I manually add my gmail account to the resend option then it is delivered immediately but as soon as I add the customers email then the email does not deliver. I checked the spam folders and its not there. Any ideas?


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    Hiya @PEMS, happy to dig into this with you. This sounds like it may be an issue where you're sending the invoice from an unverified email address on your account. I'm going to DM you to get to the bottom of this!

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    Good Morning

    Thank you for the email, we have done some digging since the original post and it seems our services provider 1-grid are blocking the emails somewhere. We tested it with gmail accounts then all is working perfect. Now I just need to get someone from 1-grid to actually attend to the matter.

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    @PEMS Glad you got to the bottom of it!

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