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InvoicingJoeInvoicingJoe Member Posts: 1

I'm new to Wave and baffled to find there's no where to put my email address in my contact info on an invoice. Am I missing something? Please tell me there's a way.


  • MyronMyron Administrator Posts: 143 admin

    Hi @InvoicingJoe ! Welcome to the Wave Community! There is no specific email field in the contact info section on the Invoice. To include an email address here, I'd recommend adding it in the Website field. You could also enter your email address in one of the other customizable fields, such as the Invoice subheading, the footer or the notes section. When you send out an Invoice to the customer, they will see your email address on the email itself. On the customer's end it will look like:

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  • E___E___ Member Posts: 1
    If I add it in the website field it forces me to include the "http://" in front of it. This is painful - is there no way to update the app to allow my email address to join the rest of my contact information?...
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