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How often does PayPal refresh, I have tried the suggestion to change the date and force a refresh, but this still does not get all the transactions, seems to be a day behind. How is it meant to work, is meant to get all transactions up to date, is meant to get them every hour day?




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    Hi @AlanMosley , Welcome to the Wave Community! I am sorry to hear of this issue with your PayPal integration. A PayPal integration should work like a bank connection, pulling in new transactions every 1-3 days. It is not a Live Feed that updates every hour I'm afraid.

    If refreshing the account does not bring in up to date transactions, then unfortunately it will be necessary to upload your PayPal transactions using the CSV uploader.

    I understand that this may not be ideal, but you may find that this approach causes fewer problems in the long run. The first step will be to download your PayPal transaction history as a CSV and then format the CSV file to fit the format below:

    MM/DD/YYYY, Description 1, -250 (Amount)
    MM/DD/YYYY, Description 2, 550.50 (Amount)
    MM/DD/YYYY, Description 3, -120.75 (Amount)

    Uploading the resulting file should allow you to get all of your PayPal transactions recorded in Wave.

    Another option would be to use Wave Connect, our Google Sheet add-on to get those PayPal transactions into Wave. You can learn more about Wave Connect and how to set it up here:

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    I've been using Wave for about a year now, and until recently Paypal was integrating fine with my Wave account. However, ever since this April, around half of my monthly transactions have just been left out period.

    Is there a reason chunks of 2-3 weeks worth of Paypal transactions would just be ignored when being imported?

    It doesn't matter how many times I delete/readd the Paypal integration or how long I wait. It's July now and the April transactions still don't appear.
    Any help with this issue would be much appreciated.

  • AlanMosleyAlanMosley Member Posts: 6

    I deleted my account and reopened it, re interrogated it, this was after it was fixed last week, since then I have seen no updates. Is it fixed?

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    Hi @kurisuti @AlanMosley . Our PayPal integration is currently in need of some extra attention as you're not the first people to be reporting issues with it. As it seems like you both have reconnected and refreshed the connection, I'd advise using Wave Connect moving forward to get your transactions into the system. I know this isn't ideal but it will allow you to keep up with your bookkeeping moving forward with less of a headache to deal with.

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  • AlanMosleyAlanMosley Member Posts: 6

    At the moment I have been clicking edit on the paypal interrogation and then saving it without changing anything, this brings more transactions, I don't want to be uploading from google sheets as I need staff to be able to do this job with less room for error. PayPal is the reason we went with wave.
    When do you expect it to be working properly, thanks

  • ChelseaKChelseaK Member Posts: 261 ✭✭

    @AlanMosley Thanks for sharing your process. Yes, by selecting 'Edit' and selecting the date prior to starting importing from, this should refresh the connection and bring in more transactions. I'm afraid we don't have an ETA on when the PayPal integration kinks will be worked out but thank you for your patience in the meantime. <3

  • AlanMosleyAlanMosley Member Posts: 6

    You don't need to select date, just edit will do the trick, thanks

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    I have reviewed so many questions about the PayPal integration and how it doesn't work. The admins throughout the years (this seems to be an issue for a very long time) have provided advice/ideas. I was seeing what the latest status is for issues, or way to approach it.

    My PayPal integration also doesn't work. So, I have a few questions:

    1. If you delete the integration and archive the current PayPal accounts, and then reconnect with a new chart of account, will that fix the issue?

    2. If you do the CSV manual option, can someone provide step-by-step instructions. Is there a video on YouTube for this? What columns do we need exactly and how should they be set up.

    I saw Alexia post in 2018 a time-consuming way to do merchant fees. Later that year, she posted another way to do merchant fees (the shorter image). For the most recent workaround, I had no idea what some of her steps meant:

    Copy the merchant fee column at the bottom of the Amount. (< -- what does this mean)
    Copy the Date column again and paste it again at the bottom of the Date column. The order of your merchant fee column should match the order of the dates already if nothing was moved around. (<--what?)
    As a description for your merchant fee transactions, just put in "PayPal Fee", and copy it next to every merchant fee transaction. (<--what)

    Can someone make a video or post a screenshot of how the CSV should look before you submit.

    Also, Wave you were acquired for more than $500 million this year. Can't this issue, after years and years, be a priority? Admins are doing a great job answering questions, but this is something that should work seamlessly.

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  • ConnorMConnorM Member Posts: 1,229 ✭✭✭

    Hey @AndreaNYC! Thanks for taking the time to break down the issues you've been seeing with your PayPal integration. Happy to look into this with you so we can try to sort this out! Once connected, the PayPal connection should import automatically like the bank connections. However, there is an issue that has been known to occur where this process stops and a manual refresh is required.

    Go to your menu and click Integrations > Click the pen icon to the right of the PayPal integration to edit that connection. When you open this window you will be able to adjust the date field to import from one day prior to the date you currently have listed. Doing this will act as a manual refresh and prompt the system to pull any transactions that have not been automatically imported.

    I would advise that you do not disconnect and then reconnect the PayPal integration. Doing this will result in a new PayPal category getting added to your Chart of Accounts every time you reconnect the PayPal account, and you'd have to then manually move all your old PayPal imports over to the new account.

    If this doesn't resolve the issue and allow for automatic imports (which you should see after a few days), it's possible that you're affected by this issue. Our engineers are aware of this issue and are currently working with PayPal to determine a resolution for this, though to be honest, it's been slow going, for a good long while.

    As an alternative, you may wish to consider disconnecting the PayPal account all together and using the Manual Statement Upload method which will allow you to import transactions downloaded directly from your PayPal account to your business profile, functioning similarly to the Credit Card/Bank account manual import process accessible through the MORE options in the Accounting > Transactions page under "Upload a Bank Statement". I can see you were mentioning this previously, and looking for a template. At the bottom of this Help Center article, above the 'Was this article helpful?' text, you'll see a link to a template there that you can use. As far as the actual workflow of uploading those statements, we've got an article here on that :)

    As another alternative, you can use Wave Connect to import your PayPal transactions into your Wave account. All you need to do is input the transactional information into a template that is generated through the add-on feature in Google sheets and it auto-populates right into your Wave account once you've validated the data.

    I totally hear where you're coming from as far as the desired ability to make this easier after the acquisition, though the trouble ends up laying with us needing to work with PayPal to smooth out all of the bumps. When you're relying on a massive third party like them to cooperate, some things fall through the cracks, and I do apologize for the ongoing issues here.

  • AndreaNYCAndreaNYC Member Posts: 1

    Thank you!

  • entrepreneur101entrepreneur101 Member Posts: 3

    When will this be fixed? Looks like about 10 months ago this issues was raised. As of right now, I am/was a new Wave user. Connected the integration to paypal and instructed Wave to import transactions from current day, back to July, 1 2019. After some time I noticed it only got transactions from Feb 10, 2020 to current day Mar 2, 2020.

    If the integration doesn't work consistently, it should be pulled. There is no reasonable way a user can use an integration that doesn't perform consistently, or invest their money in your service. Paypal is an important component of my business and I can't use Wave if the transactions are just hit and miss and require me to babysit and fill in the blanks.

    Importing through a spreadsheet is not a reasonable solution when other online accounting systems seem to work fine in their integration with Paypal

    What gives?

  • entrepreneur101entrepreneur101 Member Posts: 3

    Ya'll awake? NO answer, advise, nothing? Are you affiliated with Intuit? This what they do, just ignore a user so they will go away...

  • entrepreneur101entrepreneur101 Member Posts: 3

    OK, so for others frustrated and ready to pull your hair out...IF you're an eBay seller, accepting payments for your auction items through PayPal AND eBay is collecting and remitting internet sales taxes, those per sale individual tax withdraws as applicable from your PayPal balance WILL NOT sync with Wave, nor appear as a transaction of any type. The lack of this transaction means the income amount received from the of the eBay item is overstated since the separate tax transaction ever appears in Wave. Unfortunately the lack of a reliable sync and proper negotiation with PayPal means myself, and other users in their own unique situations cannot utilize nor additionally invest in Wave. I have tried to use a Zapier Zap, but the integration is further missing data negotiation. Since eBay shipping deducts the shipping amount when a seller ships and item from eBay, the withdraw transaction from PayPal, a simple expense and individual transaction has a PayPal capable trigger, yet no appropriate action item for Wave. Meaning this expense transaction will not be possible via a Zap, and thus income is again overstated. Too much manual entry Wave. Not ready for prime time....

  • angelhair0angelhair0 Member Posts: 1

    I created an account just to say thank you @entrepreneur101

  • VeloxRacingVeloxRacing Member Posts: 2

    I have been using Wave for a number of years, a couple of years ago the PayPal integration stopped working, this causes major headache's for us as we have USD, GBP and EUR currencies in our PayPal and in Wave Accounts. With around 1000 transactions a month.

    So each time we have to import the PayPal transaction manually we have to do the following.

    1. Export from PayPal into a CSV
    2. Run though and cut and paste the EUR, GBP and USD transactions into their own sheet.
    3. For every sale we need to duplicate the transaction line and copy over the free to the Amount Column (so we can import the fee)
    4. Import each currency sheet one at a time
    5. categorise all the transactions in wave.

    This takes a huge amount of time to do, so we are currently only doing this monthly, which in turn means we have less viability of the companies performance.

    I have seen conversations about Zapier, but I just cannot see how I can implement zapier to handle all my transactions (sales and purchases, bank fees etc) in multiple currencies in PayPal and Wave

    Can anyone help ?


  • VeloxRacingVeloxRacing Member Posts: 2

    I presume no one ever replied here then ?

  • BarsinBarsin Member, Moderator Posts: 2,041 ✭✭✭

    Hey there @VeloxRacing

    Let me first apologize for the issues we've seen with our Zapier connection to PayPal. At this point I'm glad you found a workaround (albeit cumbersome) as we understand that the current state of multi-currency transactions in PayPal.

    I would recommend sticking with this until our team is able to address this issue, however we currently do not see this fix being available in our system at the moment. I'm sorry I don't have an ETA for this, but I do appreciate you giving the community a temporary fix for this.

  • PaulCPaulC Member Posts: 186 ✭✭✭

    Hi @VeloxRacing,

    Thanks for sharing your process for recording PayPal transactions.

    We are aware that our PayPal integration does not provide the reliable and comprehensive experience that customers - or Wave - would wish. This is a challenging area, because our integration was built a long time ago to work with Wave's old accounting version, and uses APIs that PayPal itself no longer supports.

    As we consider what to do about our PayPal integration, I've looked in depth at what Quickbooks, Xero and Freshbooks offer, and I can see the trend is either a 'home' currency integration only, or no integration at all. It appears no-one offers what you would wish - a full, multi-currency integration. I can well understand this: PayPal's representation of multi-currency transactions is very complex and hard to work with for integrators.

    Another solution we are thinking about - as an alternative to an 'automated' integration - is to much better support manual uploading; i.e. take a process like you are currently doing, and make it quick and easy to complete. It sounds like you have cracked your workflow for getting PayPal transactions into Wave, so I would love to get a more detailed understanding of the precise steps you take and explore where we can simplify and streamline this for you.

    If you'd be open to walking me through your process the next time you are doing imports, please send me a direct message and we can arrange to get on a call together at that time.

    Many thanks, Paul

  • vinnywarevinnyware Member Posts: 1

    Hi Guys,
    New to this, now i have integrated Paypal but it shows just 1 transaction. so i'm trying the manual upload. - Only accepts files less than 500kb - ok halved the file size - now it wont recognise the date - ok edited the CS|V for that, now its telling me the file contains multiple currencies - How do i get around this??


  • BarsinBarsin Member, Moderator Posts: 2,041 ✭✭✭

    Hey there @vinnyware

    I've merged your comment into this thread for a bit more context in multi-currency PayPal issues that our integration has.

    Also if you haven't checked out our help center article on troubleshooting your CSV upload I'd check out the currency part and see if you're able to apply this to your CSV.

  • JoshMJoshM Member Posts: 1

    Any news here folks?

  • CalliePCallieP Member Posts: 439 admin

    Hey @JoshM , thanks for your message. At present, there is no ETA on this integration updates as our teams focus on improving and building other features. Thanks for your patience.

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