ericdbirdericdbird Member Posts: 2

Maybe we could tag businesses as Productive which prevents deletion but can be archived. Also, prevents resetting of data.

Businesses not tagged as Productive can be deleted and able for data reset.


  • JordanFromWaveJordanFromWave Administrator Posts: 230 admin

    Hi @ericdbird and welcome to Wave's Community forum!

    Within Wave, if you archive a business, it prevents any data from being removed, but stops the ability for any changes to be made within the business. The thought here is that when a business closes, you will still need access to the historical bookkeeping but will likely not want it to show up in your list of businesses or have access to make changes. I'm curious to understand the use case for the scenario that you are describing. It sounds like you were hoping be able to fully delete a business once it is created. Are my suspicions correct?

  • ericdbirdericdbird Member Posts: 2
    Hi Jordan,

    Yes. I appreciate the archiving part which is essential for the retention of data.

    However, I am thinking that most of the users can relate that somehow we experiment from trial and error in setting up businesses in wave resulting from multiple businesses in the archive regardless if it were an experimental, model or a legal or actual one (Prod - Operating or Once Operated).

    I suggest, experimental or model business may be deleted from the account.

    But the legal or actual business could only be archived. This could be done if the business was tagged as “Productive”.

    Once the business is tagged as Productive it cannot be undone hence Archiving is the only option left if business ceases to operate.
  • ckeen_1244ckeen_1244 Administrator Posts: 140 admin

    @ericdbird It's an interesting idea to offer the ability delete a business as opposed to archiving it, and making the distinction between a productive business versus an experimental one. I suppose you could think of it like each business is its own entity. Once archived, it is essentially deleted unless otherwise restored on your command. If you'd like to make this distinction, you could title your business and then put '-Experimental' or '-Productive'. That way you can easily distinguish between the two and it keeps your main left hand navigation menu clean and clear!

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