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ElmohsElmohs Member Posts: 7

Been looking through the options on wave. However, we are looking at a way to add dates to the data input on charges. We charge clients over consecutive days as they do activities and apart from adding the date manually in the 'description' we don't see any other option. Is there a way of doing this automatically? Is this something that may be added in the future?


  • Colleen_LionHeartColleen_LionHeart Member Posts: 9

    This would help me tremendously as well. All of my services are given on a certain date and I'd like to be able to have that column on the invoice.

  • ChelseaKChelseaK Administrator Posts: 262 admin

    @Elmohs @Colleen_LionHeart Thanks for raising this point! While there is a field for the date on the invoice itself, there is not a field for the selecting the date a service was given. Like you say, you can add specific dates at the bottom of the invoice in the notes section but adding date field is a really interesting suggestion. I'm not sure this is on the immediate product roadmap but it's a great idea.

    Does anyone else reading this thread want to weigh in? Would adding a date field for services given on the invoice be something of high value to you? Let us know!

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  • donbowmandonbowman Member Posts: 12

    what i am looking for...

    my customer has created a PO #XXX. It says "invoice up to $X".
    I can now send invoices referencing this PO (until it runs out of money).
    I provide a monthly service.
    The ask is to have the invoice say:

    QTY 1 "service" "service for start-date -- end-date" @ $XXX

    so they want to see an invoice "service june1-june30" ... $10
    and then one "service july1...july31" ... $10

    so i need to make the date in the description (recurring) automatic based on start/end of the timeperiod.

    so if i have it generate invoice automatically on first of month, it should say "service for to".

  • ChelseaKChelseaK Administrator Posts: 262 admin

    @donbowman Thanks for sharing your thoughts in this thread. It will be a great reference point for us when we're considering suggestions for Invoice product roadmapping :)

  • Paul3490Paul3490 Member Posts: 1

    Yeah, me too. I need a date for each time I provide a service and I'd be happier if it were automatic. By the way, I'm new here so I hope I haven't broken any rules. Thanks.

  • RicieRicie Member Posts: 2
    Hi All,

    I’m new too, I was looking for a invoice creator where I can add days dates of services rendered. I was told this app can do it only to find it can’t. Wave looks a good system, but I can’t use it till this service is active on wave as all my work has to be dated on invoice and named for it to be passed to accounts. As yet I don’t see this fitting the bill for me!
  • Miss_Dori_TutoringMiss_Dori_Tutoring Member Posts: 1

    @ChelseaK - Is there any update on adding dates to invoice item lines? The ability to add service dates to invoices would also benefit me greatly. I bill monthly based on hours worked for a client. Let's say I see a client every Wednesday for 1 hour & bill them $100/hr for each session. Therefore, this client would be billed $400 for a month with 4 Wednesdays, and $500 if the month has 5 Wednesdays. I would LOVE a way for a recurring invoice to automatically calculate how many Wednesdays fall in that billing period and automatically list each week in the item list (eg. "Wed, July 1 - $100" as the first line item and "Wed, July 8 - $100" as the second line item, etc.) Please & thank you!

  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,753 admin

    Hey @Miss_Dori_Tutoring , no updates on this but we appreciate you taking the time to outline the needs of your business along with how exactly this feature would improve your workflow!

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