Upload Invoices in Google Sheets WaveConnect Add-on Not Uploading

RochRoch Member Posts: 3

I installed Waveconnect Google sheets addon as per instructions. Gave permission and connected it. I can download invoices ok.
After doing prepare sheets, I tried the upload invoice feature using google sheets with required columns for just one invoice with the required data.
After validating it goes green (no errors). But in step 3, once you try to upload the invoice (to draft), it keeps spinning, saying uploading. But never finishes. Checked in the Drafts (or approved), the invoice I'm trying to upload through the add-on is not there.

Is this an existing issue or is there any other step that needs to be completed?
Tried including/excluding different field combination from prepare sheets, but still no luck.

Has anyone come across the issue? Looked in the FAQ and KB but was not able to find anything related to this. Can anyone help, please?

I'm sure this is a very helpful tool if it is working.


  • RochRoch Member Posts: 3

    Ok. I think I found the issue. I will include it here in case someone comes across the same problem.

    Wave Connect's Upload Invoice function is very particular about the values and formatting of the Google sheet you are trying to upload.

    Limitations/Issues in upload invoice

    1. Formulas are not allowed.
    2. Numbers have to be 2 decimal points. Just formatting the values don't work. The value itself should be 2 decimals if the column is mapped to a money field eg unit price.
    3. Date columns (eg invoice date, due date) have to be formatted to date. For me, it needed to be mm/dd/yyyy format.
    4. If you are copying/pasting invoices from another sheet. Double check the dropdowns are matched, after you paste into the prepared sheet. I had to touch the dropdown values after they were copied.

    Maybe above are known limitations (maybe there's more), but it would be good if they have been documented in the Wave Connect app, or in FAQ.

  • PaulCPaulC Member Posts: 186 ✭✭✭

    Hey @Roch,
    Do you still have the sheet where you saw these errors (i.e. not a 'fixed' version)? I'd love to see it.
    In principle, if a sheet validates, it should upload, so if there's a condition that causes an upload to fail and we are not checking and detecting it in the validation step, that's something I'd like to get a fix for.
    Thanks! Paul

  • RochRoch Member Posts: 3

    Hi @PaulC
    Below is the screenshot of that.

    edited June 26, 2019
  • PaulCPaulC Member Posts: 186 ✭✭✭

    Thanks @Roch
    The reason this failed to upload is that Wave accepts a maximum of 5 decimal places for Unit Price. The Validation step was not testing for this.
    We'll make an update to Wave Connect over the next few days to automatically round to a maximum of 5 decimal places, and warn in the Validation step that this is happening.
    Thanks for alerting us to this issue.
    Cheers, Paul

  • jaimeangelesjaimeangeles Member Posts: 1

    I have been uploading past invoices to the system using WAVE CONNECTION.
    All uploads come out WITHOUT the total amount of the invoice. After uploaded, I have to manually add the amount (one by one).
    After checking the OPTIONAL / SPECIAL FIELDS, there is no "total amount" column. The nearest is "Amount Column Title". Any number I have included in that number ends in zero ("0") in the uploaded invoices.
    please advise

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